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Thread: wierd install problem

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    I use my HP Pavilian laptop to test various Linux flavors all flavors have installed wih no problem untill Suse 11.0.Before instaling I always delete everything on the drive and just leave empty space.When I tried to install S11 I did not get the startup page I got a dos command for DHSP which just kept repeating.I thought that it was a bad download so I did another download and tried again same thing.I then tried to load the S11 on my windows computer and up popped the Suse inatalation window with no problems.I am now loading an SP on my laptop when it is done I will try loading S11 again.I will post again with my results.
    Any comments.

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    I assume S11 is Suse 11 (release candidate), but what are DHSP and SP? By "kep on repeating" do you mean it would appear then spontaneously reboot and apear then spontaneously reboot, .......endlessly...............?
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