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Thread: Fn-F8 - VGA switch on DELL

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    Default Fn-F8 - VGA switch on DELL

    How can I get the Fn-F8 key combination to work on a DELL Inspiron 1501 the same way it works on Win (since I'm not used to working on windows ...) ?
    - os version: opensuse 10.2

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    Default Re: Fn-F8 - VGA switch on DELL

    Also a Dell user I found that the Fn-F8 is only working in console mode.
    Once you are in X it's not configured.

    In theory you should be able to assign the keystroke to a Hardware Profile (SCPM) that changes your X config.

    However, With Opensuse 11 and Xrandr this shortcut should become obsolete... i hope

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    Default Re: Fn-F8 - VGA switch on DELL

    Wed 25 Feb 2009

    I have a similar problem now on a Dell Inspirion 4000. After a clean new install of openSUSE 11.1, the box no longer responds to fn+F8 calls to toggle through LCD and external VGA (projector) displays. Three facts to note: 1) booted to Knoppix 5.1, the toggling works just fine; 2) under the earlier install, of openSUSE 10.3, the toggling worked just fine; 3) since the toggling is done via hardware switch, it seems to me that the X windows system has nothing to do with the problem - command line, or booted to init 3 should also toggle among video outputs. As evidence: Knoppix 5.1 will switch via Fn-F8 to external as soon as udev is running, long before X11 is started.

    How does one reconfigure for a different video driver at boot?
    ==Mel Strom

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