I'm not yet using KDE 4 as my main desktop yet, for the time being it's just been something I play around with to see what progress has been made. However something that's always bugged me is an inability to get sound from any KDE app or for that matter the desktop itself.

I'm running KDE 4.0.4 along side 3.5.9, though I'm using a different user account for when I log in using KDE 4. I can get sound from non kde 4 applications. I've also recently added my extra user account to the audio group but that hasn't done any good.

My sound card is a Dell 5.1 Soundblast live, it's picked up in yast and Kmix(KDE4) but not in the sound settings in the new KDE control centre (see screenshot). So I don't think it's a hardware problem.

It's not a major problem but I'm interested in getting to the bottom of it if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. It's about time I learnt something about the sound system in Linux.

Currently I'm using openSUSE 10.3.
Thank you for any help in advance.

Here is a screenshot of the control centre: