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Thread: Keyboard detection in grub/gfxmenu

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    Cool Keyboard detection in grub/gfxmenu

    I recently attached an Apple Mac keyboard to my PC. OpenSuse 10.3 works fine with it after configuration with SAX2. But GRUB doesn't. Cursor + function keys a dead, so I cannot pick a choice from GFXMENU.
    How can I tell GRUB to accept the Mac keyboard?

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    Default Re: Keyboard detection in grub/gfxmenu

    Go to BIOS and enabled USB Legacy Support for Keyboard or something in those lines - depends on the BIOS how it's named.

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    It's maybe linked to bug 275533.
    I would also be interested if anyone know a solution to change grub keymap.

    Edit: hum.. maybe it's not related finally
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    Thanks for the hint. But USB Legacy Support was set to "Enabled" in my BIOS. It set to "Auto" and to "None" for a test ride, but it didn't make any difference.

    By the way: The BIOS configuration utility accepts this keyboard without any short-comings. How come that GRUB doesn't?

    How about disabling GFXMENU? Or won't I be able to boot the machine afterwards?

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