hey everyone, first post here.
i was a kubuntu user for two years when i made the permanent switch to linux. i got fed up with it's lack of development. (i was/am not mad at jonathan riddell, just canonical for only hiring one kde (kubuntu) developer). one can really, really tell there is only one dev, as it is horrendous compared to the default opensuse install. i did my research and chose opensuse as my distro of choice and man i haven't been disappointed! i am testing 11.0 with kde 4.1 and i love it! thanks opensuse devs.

i was astounded at the amount of programs/packages available, the number dwarfs that available for ubuntu. i have two apps that i'd like to use but i can't find packages for. i searched with google, on packman & rpmfind with no luck. (i have the packman repo enabled).
does anyone know where i can find (32bit) opensuse (or compatible) packages of qcomicbook (0.4) and kxmame (2.0-svn w/ sdlmame support)?