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Thread: hostname changed?

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    Default hostname changed?

    I recently ssh'd into my opensuse box from my workplace and the hostname has changed to "livecd".

    This is quite odd as access to this machine would be next to impossible.

    First off, how would my hostname just "change" to livecd? A livecd is not running on the box currently. Secondly, what are the chances someone got in to that box? (I'm the only one other than my girlfriend with physical access to the box).

    My network setup at home, IMO would be next to impossible to penetrate, but I'm no hacker. If anyone would need those details, let me know. I'm probably just being paranoid.

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    Go to YAST / Network Devices / Network Card -> Hostname / DNS, make sure Change Hostname via DHCP is not ticket and change the name accordingly.

    Perhaps during installation the livecd name was created on the DNS/DHCP server and the workstation refreshed the lease and renamed itself as per instructions from the DHCP server.

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    Default Re: hostname changed?

    Thanks that helped

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    Default Re: hostname changed?

    another possibility (way less likely than a dhcp hostname set) might also be that your computer at home was somehow rebooted and booted into the livecd.. i'm not sure whether the ssh deamon is at a startup entry in the live cd, but if so maybe you actually ssh into the PC while running the live cd

    To change hostname remotely you can use the command sethostname
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    On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 14:06 +0000, devnullv2 wrote:
    > I recently ssh'd into my opensuse box from my workplace and the hostname
    > has changed to "livecd".

    Sounds like you... or somebody, booted up a livecd on the box?
    Maybe something got stuck inside of DDNS on the network?
    Just guessing.


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