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Thread: Welcome to the -Looking for Something?- forum

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    Default Welcome to the -Looking for Something?- forum

    Welcome to the “Looking for Something?” forum

    The title says it all : “Questions seeking hardware and software advice, requests for repositories, general technical advice, manuals, books, etc.” for what goes in this forum.

    I will add a number of search tips to speed your quest for quick, relevant information and knowledge.

    Search the Forum/Sub-Forum -- up near the top of the opening page, on the context menu line is the “Search” button ; clicking on that you will see “Advanced Search”. Use the “Advanced Search” to narrow the search parameters and location (and eliminate a bunch of garbage). Each Sub-Forum also has its own “Search” context menu button.

    Additional Search Tips:

    Google @ Google
    Better for Linux is Google/Linux @ <Linux> - Google Search
    Search a specific site using Google: “searchterm site:URL” example: "ati" (this is particularly useful if the site has a restriction on search terms).
    And if you want to do that with Firefox and the openSUSE Wiki, see Firefox custom search @ Firefox custom search - openSUSE

    openSUSE Mailing Lists:

    The openSUSE Mailing List Archive can be found @ openSUSE Mailinglist Archives.
    Using “opensuse” @ openSUSE Mailinglist Archive: opensuse as an example, note that in the left frame is a search box which will search that entire list for you.

    Other Mailing Lists:

    Other mailing list archives can be found @ MARC: Mailing list ARChives
    To get to “opensuse”, simply page down to “Linux Distributions” and select “opensuse”
    In the page that comes up, there will be a search box.

    On Your Own Computer:

    Go to /usr/share/doc/howto/en/html and have a look. Many rpms will populate that folder when installed; however, many may need installing using Yast re: packagename.doc to get a full listing. They are on the CD/DVD/repositories. A full listing for 10.3 is @ Novell: openSUSE 10.3: howtoenh

    openSUSE WIKI:

    Last, but not least, is the openSUSE Wiki. When you finished your install & first opened Firefox, it most likely opened . To search the Wiki, click “Discover It (Wiki)”; then in the banner of Welcome to - openSUSE is a search box and a search button.
    Also note that in the left panel is a set of menus, look for “Support Database”.

    So, do your searches, and then, if you find nothing helpful, post your relevant questions here.

    Someone will try to help.

    Again, welcome to the forum

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