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Thread: Forum Usage Tips - Updated 26 Aug 08

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    Lightbulb Forum Usage Tips - Updated 26 Aug 08

    Welcome to our new forums. Here's a couple of tips to start you out and help make your openSUSE forum experience a good one.

    * Don't like the linear view of message threads? Change your display mode. You can select linear, threaded, or hybrid.

    * Use the "Settings" tab to change your Avatar, signature, and other various default settings.

    * At the bottom of the forum home page there is a "View Forum Leaders" link where you can see who's who in the forum staff

    * Want to see all unanswered messages? Go to the advanced search, leave the fields blank, but change the SEARCH OPTIONS to FIND THREADS WITH AT MOST 0 REPLIES

    * Use the user reputation to rate members you think deserve it. At the bottom left of each message is a star which, when clicked, will allow you to add to a person's reputation.

    * The REPLY and REPLY WITH QUOTE buttons on a message allows you to fill in the QUICK REPLY box at the bottom of a thread. Once you have done that, you have an option to GO ADVANCED which opens a new window and it gives you more options than the QUICK REPLY box.

    * Need to report a message to the moderators? Use the REPORT POST icon (triangle) at the bottom of the message. This can be used to report inappropriate content, incorrect information, or basically anything you think needs to be brought to the attention of the forums staff.

    * Want to use BBCode in your messages and/or signature? Learn all about it HERE.

    * If you want text to appear exactly as you typed it, you should wrap it in CODE tags
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