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    This article series is for New openSUSE users (ie newbies to openSUSE) to provide basic guidance in burning your installation CD/DVD and installing openSUSE. This is for simple, and not complex setups.

    This first article is the first of a series of posts in this thread, which will hopefully provide helpful hints on how to install openSUSE.

    Note: openSUSE releases are scheduled in advance. Please wait until the release date, and then proceed to download your CD / DVD. [Before then you will get the last openSUSE version]. You may also find things somewhat slow the first day or so, as the masses all try to download at once.

    1. Where to find the openSUSE installation ISO file

    Note, typically you go to openSUSE web site, and download an ".iso" file. Software.openSUSE.org

    You then burn that to a CD or DVD (dependent on whether you downloaded CD or DVD version) the installation CD/DVD. This first post has some important hints on that.

    Please note, if you decide to download openSUSE, pay very close attention to the MD5 checksum.

    2. Checking MD5 ...
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    Important information for users planning to install openSUSE 11.4 Note: openSUSE-11.4 was released 10-March-2011

    The VERY first thing to do is read our "general" openSUSE stickie here:
    NEW Users - openSuse Pre-install (general) PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

    Again, note you MUST read that link above. The majority of the information you need for a smooth installation/use of openSUSE is located there!

    Now after you have read that, please continue for openSUSE-11.4 specific information (note some links may still point to 11.3) ...

    New Users - Additional Important Links you should know about

    Here are some more important ...