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not booting into GUI - I messed up something

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Quote Originally Posted by Bill_L View Post
I was removing things installed with 'dkms', and now this laptop boots to terminal mode instead of into the GUI.
It is also not booting to user auto login. I can login, enter password and then type 'startx' to get back to the GUI

These are what I was removing in YaST from the bottom up.
I pretty sure it was the gcc that cause this but not sure, but what ever it was caused a reboot, and that is when it stopped at the terminal input.

Downloading fipscheck (download size 18.4 KiB)Downloading libasan4 (download size 355 KiB)
Downloading libatomic1 (download size 20.5 KiB)
Downloading libcilkrts5 (download size 58.2 KiB)
Downloading libitm1 (download size 39 KiB)
Downloading liblsan0 (download size 139 KiB)
Downloading libmpx2 (download size 19.1 KiB)
Downloading libmpxwrappers2 (download size 17.8 KiB)
Downloading libtsan0 (download size 285.3 KiB)
Downloading libubsan0 (download size 131.5 KiB)
Downloading linux-glibc-devel (download size 1.30 MiB)
Downloading libfipscheck1 (download size 15.4 KiB)
Downloading glibc-devel (download size 751.2 KiB)
Downloading zlib-devel (download size 109 KiB)
Downloading gcc7 (download size 19.70 MiB)
Downloading gcc (download size 10 KiB)
Downloading kernel-macros (download size 5.21 MiB)
Downloading mozilla-nss-tools (download size 412.5 KiB)
Downloading libelf-devel (download size 727 KiB)
Downloading kernel-devel (download size 17.00 MiB)
Downloading kernel-default-devel (download size 8.09 MiB)
Downloading pesign-obs-integration (download size 35.8 KiB)
Downloading kernel-syms (download size 5.20 MiB)
Downloading dkms (download size 75.4 KiB)
I have since, put them back in, but no luck booting to the GUI
Unknown what your problem is,
Before anything else, check to see if the problem has a simple solution,
Login and run the following command
systemctl isolate
If the above works, then read about "" on the following page

1. You can try an online "dist-upgrade"
zypper dup
2. You can try an offline repair using the DVD, followed by updating your system.

As you can see by totaling the size of your files,total size doesn't amount to much.
Not sure why you want to remove kdms related files. Many files I see on your list don't even have anything to do with how dkms might function but would be used to compile dkms into a kernel module. Removing build tools is unimportant, no harm/no foul. Otherwise, I don't recognize any files which would prevent a system from booting to

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