• Alternate Screensaver in KDE Plasma 5


    The standard KDE configuration tool for screensavers has been dropped from KDE's Plasma 5. I like to have one. Maybe others do too. Here's how to activate and configure xscreensaver.

    Install xscreensaver

    Go to Yast Software and search for xscreensaver and then select to install
    1. xscreensaver
    2. xscreensaver-data
    3. xscreensaver-data-extra

    Setup xscreensaver

    GoTo Configure Desktop ==> Startup and Shutdown ==> Autostart ==> Add Program ==> Click the browse button (top text) ==> browse to the file /usr/bin/xscreensaver and select it and make sure the radio button in KDE interface is Status = Enabled.

    Choose or change screensavers

    Run this console command
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    1. Sagemta's Avatar
      Sagemta -
      I too like screensavers and as a quintessential KDE user my KDE.
      Thanks for this!!
    1. stan_qaz's Avatar
      stan_qaz -
      Minor typo, no space ahead of the dash:


      You may need to install the xscreensaver package too, it wasn't on my system although the xscreensaver-data and xscreensave-data-extra packages were installed already.

      Some settings are under the Advanced tab, like the image directory, while others are found using the settings button under the preview window.