• Extra Oxgen Mouse Pointers / Themes for KDE Tumbleweed & Leap 42.1 and 42.2

    I have multiple screens across two operating systems, connected by Synergy. I really need bright, contrasting, large mouse pointers to run with Synergy. I wanted the extended set of oxygen pointers because Red is in there and it fills the bill.

    Here's the inspiration: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthre...-(Semi-solved)

    Download the deb file from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source...buntu1_all.deb

    The current script for "alien" to convert deb to rpm is in the repos at bottom of the article (2016 update).

    So install Alien from the updated repos below, either Leap or Tumbleweed, to suit your distro.

    Operate on the deb file like so:
    su -c 'alien --to-rpm oxygen-cursor-theme-extra_0.0.2010-05-10-kde4.4.3-1ubuntu1_all.deb'
    That will generate an RPM version and you can install it. The name in Yast Software interface is "oxygen-cursor-theme-extra".

    Go To Config Desktop --> Workspace Appearance --> Cursor Theme. The new options will be available there.

    Be well

    Update 5th August 2016

    Leap 42.1 repo for Alien is here: http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...USE_Leap_42.1/ I tested this and it still works.
    Tumbleweed repo for Alien is here: http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...nSUSE_Factory/ I didn't test Tumbleweed. Over to you.

    Update 24th May 2017

    This time I took the RPM I made for 42.1 in 2016 and used it for 42.2. Still works fine and still beautiful.
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    1. Fraser_Bell's Avatar
      Fraser_Bell -
      ... because Red is in there and it fills the bill.
      ... plus, it matches your eyes.

      Thanks for this, A
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      brunomcl -
      Hi Swerdna,

      Concerning synergy, I've been looking for something like this. Tomorrow I'll be reactivating a work CPU at my home office, where I already have a multidisplay desktop, plus a 19" LCD in storage.

      Both machines will be running oS 64-bits with KDE 4, the server with oS 13.2, client with oS 13.1. Both will be in the same LAN, so I don't intend to use encryption/SSL.

      I'd appreciate your feedback on synergy, if you don't mind, mainly:

      What version are you running? I see the standard repo has version 1.5, and version 1.6.2 on the X11:Utilities repo. The developers site has version 1.7.3.

      What's the performance? Any lag or issues?

      Any other experience you think may be relevant.

      Thank you very much,


      P.S.: Love your tutorials on networking, they're my first stop when I have issues with samba sharing.
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      swerdna -
      See update for Leap 42.1
    1. swerdna's Avatar
      swerdna -
      See update for Leap 42.2
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      Fraser_Bell -
      Quote Originally Posted by swerdna View Post
      See update for Leap 42.2
      ... I am waiting for the update for Leap 42.3.