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    Thanks to the efforts by Richard Bos we can now have Silverlight applications / websites on our openSUSE install, using Pipelight. This project was started mainly to give dutch people access to Magister, a Silverlight based students/parents application a lot of dutch schools use, that was not accessible on linux until now.


    Remove the moonlight plugin, through Yast + browsers, if installed.
    Add the repo below for your openSUSE version, trust the key when prompted for:


    • Through Yast:
      • Select View - Repositories
      • Tick the Pipelight repo
      • Select the pipelight package for install, it will pull in some dependencies.
      • Tick "Switch system packages .....". This will make sure the packages from the added repo will be used, not other.
      • Perform the install

    • Through zypper:
      • Code:
        su -c 'zypper ref'
      • Code:
        su -c 'zypper in pipelight'


    Start your browser and let the magic happen....... The pipelight plugin will trigger a Silverlight install on ~/.wine-pipelight and use that. Let it do it's thing, visit http://bubblemark.com/silverlight2.html to test. You should see a square with bouncing balls.
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    1. wakou's Avatar
      wakou -
      I have been watching a stream, and occasionally the audio stream will jump back by approx 5 seconds and repeat. Anyone else? Any tips to eliminate (very annoying!)
    1. Gps2010's Avatar
      Gps2010 -
      Thank you guys.

      Now watching rtl7 darts.

      (openSUSE 13.1 64 bit one click install)

      There should be a law against silverlight though