• Using software.opensuse to find packages

    Finding and Installing Software for openSUSE

    You can search for additional software (not available in the default or your current repository list)
    Here: http://software.opensuse.org/search
    You can see your current list of repos in Yast > Software > Repositories
    Or open a terminal and do:
    zypper lr -d
    In our example, we are going to search for 'Dropbox'. It has complications as a package because it's desktop sensitive (KDE/Gnome). And actually there is an Article all about installing it:

    So it's always worth looking in the Articles and Blog sections of the Forum first.

    Back to our lesson: Searching for Applications (Dropbox)

    1. Visit: http://software.opensuse.org/search
    2. Type Dropbox in the search field:Searching for Dropbox

    As shown, click Dropbox and see:
    Condensed List

    Expand the List and see:
    All Packages and Repos

    That concludes the Eg use of the software.opensuse search
    However please note:

    1. Search the forum + Articles and Blog sections and or ask for help
    2. Don't blindly follow the first thing you find
    3. For one off packages, you would typically disable the added repo/s post install
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    1. Knurpht's Avatar
      Knurpht -
      Nice, compact info and it has all one needs to know.
    1. slughorn's Avatar
      slughorn -
      And if you don't know the name of a package, but you are looking for a file sharing program, you can go to the German Wiki https://de.opensuse.org/Portal:Anwendungen and there https://de.opensuse.org/BitTorrent-Programme you can find more.