• RSS Feeds for Forums

    There are a few different ways to get RSS feeds from our forums. Some are simple, and others take a little bit of effort.

    In any single forum, you should see an RSS icon (different browsers display it differently). Clicking that will give you the feed for that single forum. Same with ALL forums, on the forum home page you will see the same RSS icon. That feed covers all forums.

    But what if you want just SOME of the forums in a single feed? There is a way to do that. Here is an example:


    That will provide a single feed for three forums:

    English Install/Boot/Login
    English Applications
    English Multimedia

    What you need to build your feed URL are the forum ID numbers for all the forums:


    805 New User How To/FAQ (read only)
    680 Advanced How To/FAQ (read only)
    783 Unreviewed How To and FAQ
    668 Install/Boot/Login
    669 Applications
    670 Multimedia
    671 Games
    672 Hardware
    673 Laptop
    674 64-bit
    675 Network/Internet
    676 Wireless
    677 Pre-Release/Beta
    919 Tumbleweed
    934 Virtualization

    664 Announcements
    665 Tech News
    666 SUSE Security Announcements
    679 Looking For Something Other Than Support?
    678 Programming/Scripting
    807 SUSE Studio
    692 Open Build Service (OBS)
    799 OBS-Education Project
    798 OBS Projects
    683 General Chit-Chat
    685 Surveys/Polls
    686 Screenshots
    687 Soapbox
    794 openSUSE Marketing
    836 openSUSE Wiki Discussions
    689 Forums Comments/Suggestions
    690 How to use the forums?
    928 应用与支持
    929 开发
    930 社区活动与讨论

    861 Installatie - Opstarten - Login
    862 Hardware
    864 Gnome
    865 KDE
    866 Andere
    868 Draadloos
    869 Programma's

    871 Nieuws
    872 Suggesties - Commentaar
    873 Praathoek
    874 NL How To's

    814 Aide générale
    815 Installation, boot et login
    816 Applications
    817 Multimédia
    818 Réseaux, serveurs et internet
    819 Matériel
    820 Programmation et scripts

    810 Information
    811 Annonces
    812 Actualité
    822 Participez
    823 Documentez
    824 Développez
    825 Diffusez
    826 Dirigez
    828 Débats et sondages
    829 Discussion générale
    832 Commentaires et Suggestions
    830 Evènements et Réunions
    847 Installation/Administration
    848 Anwendungen
    850 KDE
    851 Gnome
    852 Andere
    853 Hardware
    854 Netzwerk
    855 Wireless
    Community / Talk
    856 Forum-Feedback
    857 Ankündigungen und Neues
    858 Allgemeines Gequatsche

    Βοήθεια και Υποστήριξη
    885 Γενική βοήθεια
    886 Εγκατάσταση, εκκίνηση και είσοδος
    887 Εφαρμογές
    888 Πολυμέσα
    889 Δίκτυα, Εξυπηρετητές & Διαδίκτυο
    890 Υλικό
    891 Προγραμματισμός

    883 Ανακοινώσεις
    884 Ειδήσεις
    892 Συμμετοχή
    893 Τεκμηρίωση(Documentation)
    894 Προγραμματισμός
    895 Μεταφράσεις
    896 Συζητήσεις & Δημοσκοπήσεις
    897 Γενική Συζήτηση
    898 Σχόλια και προτάσεις
    899 Εκδηλώσεις και Συναντήσεις
    804 Magyar
    835 日本語

    922 GNOME
    923 KDE
    924 Multimédia
    925 Instalação & Repositórios
    915 Ajuda e Suporte
    916 Lizards Lounge

    917 Notícias e Eventos
    918 Projecto openSUSE

    875 KDE
    876 Gnome
    839 Железо
    834 Общий

    840 Сообщество
    841 Разговоры
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    1. hcvv's Avatar
      hcvv -
      Thanks Kim,

      I could considerably downsize my list of feeds by using combinations.

      I only hope that the list will not change to often
    1. vazhavandan's Avatar
      vazhavandan -
      cool. Thanks a lot
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      Quote Originally Posted by hcvv View Post
      I only hope that the list will not change to often
      It will only change if we add/remove forums.
    1. saultdon's Avatar
      saultdon -
      Just what I was looking for, thanks.
    1. anika200's Avatar
      anika200 -
      Thank you for this topic.

      However, I am confused and maybe you could clarify things for me. What am I supposed to do with the link that you point to as an example? I have tried opening it with chrome, imorting it into akregator and saving it to inspect with kate and still have no results. Maybe you could include a link to some simple instructions on how to build a rss feed and import it into a client? Maybe the script is broken?

      Anyway, your article is exactly what I want and need but I am not sure the basics are included to make it work. For example, do I need to "build a feed" to get the forums into akregator? If so how is it done, it is not clear to me from your example xml.
      Also , I get an error when opening the example feed with chrome (my default browser) which is
      This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
      Thanks for your time,
    1. vazhavandan's Avatar
      vazhavandan -
      @anika200- This is my working link for English content of the forums in Liferea RSS reader. You can click below link and copy the address in address bar and add it to akregator. I have seen that Liferea doesn't read Non English forum content properly :-(