• UTF-8 Encoding Change

    In order to make forum life easier on everyone going forward, we have changed all languages to a uniform UTF-8 encoding. The default language is English UTF-8. We did not, however, change the existing database (i.e. existing posts).

    When reading old messages in UTF-8 format, some characters will not translate and you will see strange characters such as a diamond with a question mark. This will effect some languages more than others obviously. If you want to read older messages that aren't readable in UTF-8 format, go to the lower right of any forum page and temporarily change your language to a non UTF-8 language. This will be a temporary language change. Please don't post in non UTF-8 languages as these posts will not be readable when the non UTF-8 languages are eventually removed.

    If you want to set your default language to something other than English, you can do this via the SETTINGS tab at the top of the forums. Go to SETTINGS / MY SETTINGS / MY ACCOUNT / GENERAL SETTINGS / FORUM LANGUAGE.

    Our goal is to get everyone to start posting in UTF-8 format so soon our database will be mostly UTF-8 and encoding issues will slowly fade.
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