• Simplified Forum Home Page Navigation

    As our forum community membership grows more diverse geographically, community member comments and suggestions have lead us to simplify our forum home page navigation to focus on language. Uses can now easily peruse the list of languages available and select the appropriate forum link for them.

    Remember that selecting a forum for a particular language doesn't automatically change your forum language. There are two ways to to that:

    1 - From the bottom of any forum page, on the right side of the footer you may select another language. This is a session temporary selection and won't be maintained if you leave and re-enter the forums.

    2 - A more permanent forum language change is accomplished by clicking on the SETTINGS link up near the top header. Once in the settings page, in the left column, under MY SETTINGS | MY ACCOUNT select GENERAL SETTINGS. Near the general settings you can select your preferred language. This is sticky and will maintain your selection even after leaving the forums.
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    1. roguehorse's Avatar
      roguehorse -
      Excellent job! Thank you for that.
    1. tabestmaker's Avatar
      tabestmaker -
      Thanks and great work