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    There were a number of intel graphic updates (in the kernel) between the 5.14.11 kernel and a 5.15.7 kernel, so I updated to the 5.15.7 kernel (from the stable:kernel:backport repository).

    This 'broke bluetooth' functionality on my Lenovo X1 Carbon gen-9 under LEAP-15.3.

    Surfing on this, I read that the 5.15.x kernel had broken bluetooth for a number of users of various GNU/Linux distros on various hardware. I found an existing bug report on openSUSE:

    The openSUSE packager noted on ~12-Dec they had submitted a fix. The bug report then had a user note the 5.15.10 kernel then worked for them.

    So I installed the updated to the 5.15.10-lp153.2.g85804f3-default on my Lenovo X1 Carbon gen9 (running LEAP-15.3) and bluetooth is now working again with both my bluetooth mouse, and my Bose Soundsport earbuds.