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  1. Happens to all parents, if things go right.....

    Today my eldest son, Gijs, left the building....sniff, and at the same time, no sniff. He's on Schiermonnikoog now for his summer job on the local camping site, comes back shortly in August to pick up his belongings and leave for studying in Maastricht, which is completely on the other side of our country.....
    From when he was young, I've been aware of the fact that kids, from birth, do nothing but grow away from you. And it's good to see a grown man leave the house, where he entered my life ...
    Knurpht's Life
  2. Capturing video of one's desktop

    by , 25-May-2011 at 14:14 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    The idea of a blog on the forum is interersting, so I'm posting this to get a better 'handle' as to what one can put in a blog post! And I thought I would throw in a small guide at the same time (on a subject that is currently of interest to me).

    Capturing one's desktop

    I've recently switched from using xvidcap to using ffmpeg for capturing video to my desktop, and I'm quite happy with the capabilities of ffmpeg. Now why you may ask, use the command line ffmpeg instead ...
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