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  1. Quiz: Using Exit Codes in Bash - A test for You.

    by , 06-Nov-2011 at 16:12 (James' openSUSE Bash Scripting (and other things) Blog - Your Comments are Welcome!)
    Here is a small test I found on the internet with a few modifications. If you dare, take the test and then run my bash script to see how you did.

    1. How Many Exit Codes are there?

    A. 10
    B. 0-255
    C. 45
    D. 2

    2. How do you view an exit code after you complete a command?

    A. exit code list
    B. echo exit
    C. echo $ecode
    D. echo $?

    3. What exit code generally suggests the command was successful?

    Updated 26-Mar-2013 at 18:25 by jdmcdaniel3

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  2. new 64-bit openSUSE-11.4 KDE installation on my main PC (Core i7-920)

    by , 30-Sep-2011 at 15:17 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    7-months after 11.4 is released and only then do I install 11.4 ? Yes - I'm conservative. Very conservative ! And after some hours I have to say it runs great !

    Why wait so long ? I like stability. All the apps I want are now packaged (and have been packaged and running for some time, and many debugged/improved over that time). And finally this was a long weekend where I don't have other commitments (which does not happen all that often). An ideal time for an openSUSE install. ...

    Updated 01-Oct-2011 at 11:36 by oldcpu

  3. Bash Scripting - How would you like to Learn?

    by , 29-Sep-2011 at 17:38 (James' openSUSE Bash Scripting (and other things) Blog - Your Comments are Welcome!)
    So it has been suggested that I consider starting a blog on Bash scripting. I have spent a far amount of time lately
    working on and posting bash scripts here in the openSUSE forum in the hope that you might find something useful to you.
    I don't think such efforts would make me any sort of bash scripting expert, but what if our goal is to help each other
    instead of just one master showing everyone else how it is done? In fact I have said more than once here in the forum

    Updated 26-Mar-2013 at 17:54 by jdmcdaniel3

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  4. openSUSE and a depressed server...

    A couple of months ago, my server/workstation got depressed, i.e. it was very down. Down to being no more than a blue powerled. No traces in the log files, no indication what it was not happy about, which I found quite annoying, mostly since I didn't have a clue of what was going on. I ran memtest for 48 hours, no errors at all, checked all file systems, ditto. Then my wife called while I was away, reporting beeeeep, beep, beep. Checked on the web, yes, videocard dead, which she confirmed, since ...
  5. The Power of Open Source and openSUSE, a story.

    A couple of years ago, I was asked to express my ideas on an on- and offline ticket sales system with customer management etc., automatically feeding the website of an organization. Being a firm open source believer I gave my default answer: "Use open source means, question is not whether that's possible, question is which means to use, then make what's left to do". Briefly: I made them an offer, they accepted, and I suddenly was a sytem+software designer-engineer-programmer. And a database ...

    Updated 10-Sep-2011 at 07:12 by Knurpht

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