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  1. avoid black popups in web browsers firefox chrome chromium brave

    Mine are always yellow in black. I think it's caused by the DE's or DM's theme. How long they remain could also depend on the theme. What DE or WM and theme are you using?
  2. HDMI -> VGA i xrandr

    Cały czas korzystam ze starego monitora z mniej popularną rozdzielczością. Podręczna ściąga, by ustawić brakującą rozdzielczość przy korzystaniu z przejściówki HDMI na VGA (d-sub).

    Najlepiej na sprzęcie, na którym monitor jest prawidłowo wykrywany sprawdzić co i jak:
    xrandr -q
    Na sprzęcie docelowym, wyliczyć wartości dla xrandr (poniżej wartości dla mojego przypadku):
    cvt 1600 1200 60
    Ustalić, gdzie jest podłączony monitor na docelowym sprzęcie: ...
    Tags: d-sub, hdmi, vga, xrandr
  3. Handbrake crashes "Illegal Instruction (core dumped)"

    Quote Originally Posted by karlmistelberger View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by purevw View Post
    I notified the maintainer this morning, July 15, 2020. I run 15.2 and have an identical problem. I have started a new post concerning this in Leap 15.2
    Snapshot 20200714 breakes multimedia. Options offered by yast2 don't work. Thus I rolled back to 20200710, where ghb and everything else works fine.
    Snapshot 20200715 made Tumbleweed great again.
  4. CyberPower UT1500E UPS for desktop computer running openSUSE LEAP

    by , 14-Oct-2019 at 07:45 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    I recently purchased a UPS for my desktop computer which is currently running openSUSE LEAP-15.0.

    There is discussion on my deliberations prior to purchasing in this openSUSE thread.

    As noted in the title, the UPS I purchased is the CyberPower UT1500E 1500VA/900W, which I believe should be adequate for my 4-year old core-i7 desktop PC. My nominal plan, after there is a power outage, is to have my PC automatically shutdown within 1 minute of the power outage. ...
  5. not booting into GUI - I messed up something

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_L View Post
    I was removing things installed with 'dkms', and now this laptop boots to terminal mode instead of into the GUI.
    It is also not booting to user auto login. I can login, enter password and then type 'startx' to get back to the GUI

    These are what I was removing in YaST from the bottom up.
    I pretty sure it was the gcc that cause this but not sure, but what ever it was caused a reboot, and that is when it stopped at the terminal input.

    Downloading fipscheck (download
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