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  1. Skype-4.0/4.2 on openSUSE-13.1

    by , 19-Nov-2013 at 15:46 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    Skype may have no sound or corrupted sound for some users on openSUSE-13.1 and this blog re-iterates what has been posted elsewhere in different places.

    The method I use for installing skype is per the openSUSE wiki (where at the time of writing this blog entry it had advice labeled for openSUSE-12.3 that nominally should work for openSUSE-13.1).

    I had no sound from skype- on my Toshiba Satellite Z930 Ultrabook after my openSUSE-13.1 GM installation.

    Updated 19-Nov-2013 at 15:51 by oldcpu

  2. Installing openSUSE 13.1 onto an External Hard Drive.

    by , 17-Nov-2013 at 11:01 (James' openSUSE Bash Scripting (and other things) Blog - Your Comments are Welcome!)
    Be aware that you need to follow and understand how to direct all openSUSE installation actions to the external hard drive. Failure to follow all instructions may cause modifications to your internal hard drive, defeating the purpose of this written procedure and modifying your main OS installation.

    Please read through this procedure more than once to insure full understanding before trying this on your PC.

    This write up is written to assist in installing openSUSE, ...

    Updated 17-Nov-2013 at 20:44 by jdmcdaniel3

  3. OpenSUSE-12.3, 13.1, and 13.2 on Toshiba Satellite Z930 Ultrabook

    by , 20-Jul-2013 at 05:53 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    I successfully installed openSUSE-12.3 on a Toshiba Satellite Z930 Ultrabook (with KDE-4.10 desktop). I have this running now for over 1-month, and I have to say I am very pleased thus far with both the Ultrabook and with openSUSE-12.3 running on it.

    More can be read on this Ultrabook running under GNU/Linux in this Linlap Toshiba Z930 thread for the Portege which is almost identical to my Toshiba:


    The specification of this Ultrabook ...

    Updated 16-Nov-2014 at 13:50 by oldcpu (updated title to reflect 13.1 and 13.2 installs)

  4. Tumbleweed, kernels and UEFI

    I am running opensuse Tumbleweed on my UEFI box. Yesterday, there was a kernel update. After the update, the box had several kernels:
    • 3.7.10-1.1-1 ## from installing 12.3
    • 3.8.8-3.1 ## from a Tumbleweed update
    • 3.8.9-5.1 ## also a TW update
    • 3.9.0-6.1 ## from the latest TW update

    I'm not sure why there are so many kernels. I had thought that there would be only two. But, I have the disk space, so no problem.


    What does this have to do ...
  5. SysdCmd - systemd Command Help/Config Editor - Version: 1.1.2

    by , 28-Apr-2013 at 18:40 (James' openSUSE Bash Scripting (and other things) Blog - Your Comments are Welcome!)

    SysdCmd is a bash script intended to be used in openSUSE and tested with openSUSE version 12.3. I have included all of the features I feel openSUSE users will likely want in a bash script intended to help you learn how to use and work with systemd. SysdCmd will install the following standard openSUSE packages: systemd-ui, systemd-analyze and graphviz all of which will require root user access. The ...

    Updated 19-May-2013 at 14:37 by jdmcdaniel3

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