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  1. Про обновления в LEAP

    По причине глобального огораживания некоторых дятлов-модераторов я копирую свой удаленный пост сюда - я же затратил целых 10 минут на его написание!

    По мотивам последних, абсолютно безграмотных топиков.
    То, что написано далее, не FAQ, а скорее ИМХО — но это проверено, и это работает.

    1. Первым делом снести PackageKit и всякие апплеты проверки обновлений. Следует использовать системные инструменты: zypper и yast2 sw_single. Иметь 2 параллельные
  2. Installing openSUSE LEAP-42.2 on two EFI PCs

    by , 25-Dec-2016 at 06:09 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    I installed openSUSE LEAP-42.2 on my Toshiba Z930 laptop, and also on my Core-i7 custom PC over the Christmas break. Both PCs use EFI and I am not very experienced with EFI, so I thought that this might be a good learning experience. The downside was I was doing this with a head cold (ie headache, mild-fever, stuff sinus, hacking cough ... etc .. which is not the smartest condition to be in when trying something new).

    The Toshiba Z930 laptop installation experience was very smooth ...

    Updated 04-Jan-2017 at 00:55 by oldcpu

  3. Create "Guest" user with passwordless login

    If You use LightDM:

    1. In Yast2 create guest user
    2. /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf :

    It seems all!
  4. Creating a file option for installing RPM packages

    Quote Originally Posted by deano_ferrari View Post
    I wanted to be able to install a single RPM package again, so today I right-clicked on a RPM package, and chose 'Open With' > 'Other...', then entered
    xdg-su -c "/sbin/yast2 sw_single %F"
    This created 'xdg-su.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications. I renamed this file to software-installer.desktop and edited it so that the name made more sense to me
    Name=Software Installer
    There should be corresponding update in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
  5. Musings on the logic and discussions that lead to openSUSE LEAP-42.1

    by , 24-Nov-2015 at 13:42 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    This post provides my current views on openSUSE-LEAP currently at v.42.1.

    I originally composed a version of this as a reply to an openSUSE user's questions, and decided to modify it slightly and make it into a 'blog post'.

    This is the 1st of 2 parts.

    This is my thinking as to the logic and discussions that lead to openSUSE LEAP-42.1. It is not original thinking but rather it comes from reading many posts of many other people far more knowledgeable and far ...
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