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  1. Creating Partitions During Install for MBR and GPT Hard Disks

    by , 03-Mar-2013 at 09:12 (James' openSUSE Bash Scripting (and other things) Blog - Your Comments are Welcome!)
    Here is some basic information and advice about creating partitions when you install openSUSE:

    Master Boot Record Partitioned Hard Disks:

    openSUSE does not want to remove anything from your system when you first try to install it and if you want the whole thing to be openSUSE, you might consider downloading the KDE LiveCD or GNOME LiveCD from Download openSUSE 12.2, boot from the LiveCD and make sure it works as you wish. Then, you can ...
  2. Install AmiBroker 5.6 in openSUSE 12.2 Linux using Wine

    I recently joined a Brisbane traders group, a charitable group called Traders for a Cause, who meet each month to discuss trading. The members have adopted AmiBroker so I bought a copy. It's a coders dream and I've totally switched from MetaStock to AmiBroker now. I found this successful implementation of Amibroker 5.6 in Ubuntu at WinHQ (Platinum results) and thought it would likely install in openSUSE too -- and it does!

    I have the standard $199 version of AmiBroker and this article ...

    Updated 20-Feb-2013 at 14:44 by swerdna

  3. Playing media content from openSUSE on a DLNA Smart TV

    Wondered how easy it would be to make content on an openSUSE machine available through DLNA on our smart TV. The TV already has a wired networkconnection to our gigabit LAN. And this was all there is to it:

    Prepare: take 1 openSUSE machine

    Step one: go to , search for "minidlna"
    Step two: install minidlna
    Step three: read through /etc/minidlna.conf and enter own media_dirs in full path
    Step four: remove /var/cache/minidlna/* ...
  4. New laptop: ASUS A73SD-TY121V openSUSE 12.2

    Before installing I replaced the 5400 rpm HDD by an ADATA sata-600 120GB SSD. That was the hardest part.
    I booted a 12.2 KDE Live USBstick, performed a default install, approx 5 minutes, restored /home and some other stuff from a backup from on an SSD with mini USB, done. Back up and running with all my stuff in 3 hours. Both laptop and openSUSE 12.2 are fast, fast, fast.
  5. 设置快捷键 – 让截屏工具变的更 捷更方便

    其实,开源社区的gnome-screenshot已经包含了一些功能,只不过没有那么多快捷键设置和编辑的功能(一般编辑都是使用gimp或者其他的小工具),也没有很多人知道可能。 ...

    Updated 23-Sep-2012 at 21:39 by jzheng

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