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  1. automatic weekly updates for 11.1 machines on Evergreen

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    I've switched over a couple of machines I maintain to Evergreen. However the weekly automatic update cronjob stopped working. Here's how I got it working again.

    First of all, remove all 11.1 update repositories using zypper rr.

    Next, edit /etc/cron.weekly/ Change the last line to:

    ${upcmd} --quiet up -y -l ${skipInteractive} >> /var/log/suse-update.log 2>&1
    The additions are -l to accept any licenses
  2. How do I get Thunderbird to open links in Google Chrome?

  3. Some interesting Tablets as of end-May-2011

    by , 04-Jun-2011 at 14:33 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    I took a small look on the Internet at some tablet PCs that were released in the past few months, and the tablet market is starting to get interesting.

    Dispelled preconceptions and some assumptions

    The first thing I had to dump (for now) was the idea of running openSUSE on any of these Tablets. In truth, openSUSE (nor most other Linux distributions) are up to that task. I also noted none of these Tablets are yet at the stage where their OS (Android or Windows7) ...

    Updated 23-Jul-2011 at 16:09 by oldcpu (removed reference to my being ill ...)

  4. Eerste NL blog post - Evolution

    Na jaren KDE gebruikt te hebben als hoofd-desktop omgeving, met Opera als mailclient, ben ik een paar weken geleden min of meer per ongeluk overgestapt naar GNOME 3. Op ontdekkingstocht in GNOME kwam ik ook op Evolution, heb daar eerst eens een testaccount in gegooid, zelf een export/import van mijn adressen in Opera gemaakt via LibreOffice Calc (pffft, er bleek een site voor te zijn). Daarbij heb ik ook de mogelijkheden ontdekt om Google Calendar agenda's te koppelen, standaard te maken in Evolution. ...
  5. Happens to all parents, if things go right.....

    Today my eldest son, Gijs, left the building....sniff, and at the same time, no sniff. He's on Schiermonnikoog now for his summer job on the local camping site, comes back shortly in August to pick up his belongings and leave for studying in Maastricht, which is completely on the other side of our country.....
    From when he was young, I've been aware of the fact that kids, from birth, do nothing but grow away from you. And it's good to see a grown man leave the house, where he entered my life ...
    Knurpht's Life
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