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  1. Playing media content from openSUSE on a DLNA Smart TV

    Wondered how easy it would be to make content on an openSUSE machine available through DLNA on our smart TV. The TV already has a wired networkconnection to our gigabit LAN. And this was all there is to it:

    Prepare: take 1 openSUSE machine

    Step one: go to , search for "minidlna"
    Step two: install minidlna
    Step three: read through /etc/minidlna.conf and enter own media_dirs in full path
    Step four: remove /var/cache/minidlna/* ...
  2. New laptop: ASUS A73SD-TY121V openSUSE 12.2

    Before installing I replaced the 5400 rpm HDD by an ADATA sata-600 120GB SSD. That was the hardest part.
    I booted a 12.2 KDE Live USBstick, performed a default install, approx 5 minutes, restored /home and some other stuff from a backup from on an SSD with mini USB, done. Back up and running with all my stuff in 3 hours. Both laptop and openSUSE 12.2 are fast, fast, fast.
  3. 设置快捷键 – 让截屏工具变的更快捷更方便

    其实,开源社区的gnome-screenshot已经包含了一些功能,只不过没有那么多快捷键设置和编辑的功能(一般编辑都是使用gimp或者其他的小工具),也没有很多人知道可能。 ...

    Updated 23-Sep-2012 at 21:39 by jzheng

  4. Logitech C270 webcam with openSUSE

    by , 28-May-2012 at 01:03 (oldcpu's meandering thoughts on Computers, GNU/Linux and openSUSE)
    Logitech C270 webcam with openSUSE

    I decided to procure a new webcam for my mother, which is a Logitech C270 (046d:0825) Webcam. My 86+ year old mother runs GNU/Linux (openSUSE) on her PC.

    Replaces old Phillips Webcam

    The Logitech C270 webcam is intended to replace an old Phillips web cam that she has on her PC. The old Phillips is a really great webcam, and it is ...
    Tags: webcam
  5. Installing openSUSE 12.1 on a ASUS EEEpc X101CH

    Yesterday I got three ASUS EEEpc X101CH netbooks at hand, to install openSUSE 12.1 on. I decided to do a NET install, since the netbooks have only 1 GB or RAM and a LiveCD install needs a bit more. Install worked like a charm, until first reboot, which was followed by a complete freeze and udevd crashing. I searched the forums, but nothing came up. Searched Google and found one post (dated yesterday) describing the same issue, mentioning the plan to add the Kernel:/stable/standard repo. This repo ...
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