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Hi all,

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our admins the development of the openSUSE Forums goes on and on. From today, 25th of May 2011, we can blog. Blog about openSUSE, blog about other thoughts? Don't know yet. It's already been a while since I blogged -even the site does no longer exist-, but this is a good time to pick it up. Can't promise a daily return, but the intention to write here is there, we'll see.

  1. Pihole server installer - Live ad-free

    What is a Pihole server?
    It's a tool / server that uses dnsmasq and blocklists to make a local network ad-free. When we visit websites, the pages contain dozens of links to other urls to feed us with ads and tracking cookies. What Pihole does is send these requests to /dev/null once the pihole server is setup as the first DNS in your router. Ik can be run on quite minimal hardware with just enough operating system to get it running.

    The script from my gitlab repo will install ...

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