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Hi all,

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our admins the development of the openSUSE Forums goes on and on. From today, 25th of May 2011, we can blog. Blog about openSUSE, blog about other thoughts? Don't know yet. It's already been a while since I blogged -even the site does no longer exist-, but this is a good time to pick it up. Can't promise a daily return, but the intention to write here is there, we'll see.

  1. DKMS + NVIDIA on openSUSE

    NOTE: This will only work if all other NVIDIA installs have been removed
    NOTE: This was made up for the 331.20 driver. The package will update to newer versions of the driver, currently 331.38
    The package is in fact no more than a spec file, that
    • pulls in the appropriate from NVIDIA's ftp site. If a 32bit openSUSE is installed then will be downloaded, in case of a 64bit openSUSE the
    • runs the installer in a non-gui

    Updated 14-Jan-2014 at 16:20 by Knurpht