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    While on the topic of Power Management, I wanted to point to some other useful Internet content:
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    There is a new article on Phoronix, dated 6-July-2011, where in this new article there are some power consumption and thermal tests when comparing the latest open-source "Nouveau" driver code against NVIDIA's closed-source proprietary driver: [Phoronix] Nouveau Driver Power Management Against The NVIDIA Blob

    According to Phoronix, testing went nearly the same as last week's Radeon driver power management test.

    Phoronix compared the open source Nouveau graphic driver vs the proprietary nVidia graphpic driver for the nVidia 8500GT, 8600GTS, 9500GT, and 9800GT graphic devices.

    In general the propreitary graphic driver had significantly superior performance for equal or less power consumption.
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    IT world has a couple of articles on the Android operating system (where Android OS is one of the key Tablet operating systems) , where these articles are not so complimentary toward Google's Android implementation:
    1. Are Android and Linux the same and the answer IMHO is basically, no more ! They started with the same roots and Google's Android has possibly 'forked' from GNU/Linux. Some say illegally, as per the next point:
    2. Android violates Linux License - Experts Claim . Where they have a number of accusations against Android, one of which is this:
      Quote Originally Posted by Google-quote-of-intellectual property attorney Edward Naughton
      Google took a novel and quite aggressive approach to developing a key component of Android -- the Bionic Library. That library, a type of C Library, is used by all application developers who need to access the core functions of the Linux operating system. Google essentially copied hundreds of files of Linux code that were never meant to be used as is by application developers, 'cleaned' those files using a non-standard and questionable technical process, and then declared that the code was no longer subject to the GPLv2, so that developers could use it without becoming subject to copyleft effect that would normally apply to GPLv2-licensed code taken from the Linux kernel.

    I do NOT like the read of point#2 as IF true, it IMHO is a pretty serious charge against Google.

    As for point#1, I find the philosophy of Android is far from that of GNU/Linux when it comes to the way in which most GNU/Linux distributions are setup with repositories (for packaged software) and how fixes are sent upstream to developers, and then back down stream when fixes implemented. Where most GNU/Linux distributions are setup such that a software fork is NOT too difficult.

    I do not see that in Google's Android.
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    Our Linux User Group (LUG) laptop is also running Tumbleweed-11.4 with LXDE. While it has English(US) region openSUSE-11.4 (Tumbleweed) LXDE installed, the hardware keyboard on the LUG laptop is in fact a German keyboard, and at times it can be difficult to hunt-and-peck at the keys to find the right one since we have a nominal English(US) key assignment !

    So I used the above techique to install a German keyboard assignment, where of course instead of 'th' for Thai, one uses 'de' for German. And on this laptop I can now switch between English (US) keyboard and German keyboard.

    It worked very well. Most impressive
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    Knurpht .. many thx ! Me thinks that indicates a freudian problem with my own image recognition and possibly why I struggle so much with a Mac ! ...

    ... anyway, reference Tablet application requirements, I should note the above was with the idea of a pure Tablet. If one has a Tablet that can transform to a netbook, then the possibility of office applications are opened. My current ideal Tablet (where this assessment is likely to change tomorrow as I learn more) would have an external keyboard that was light weight and could act as a 'cover' for the tablet's screen, and the Tablet would also triboot (which none to my knowledge can do) to:
    • some tablet OS (preferably Android or MeeGo) - when no keyboard attached
    • openSUSE (for when keyboard is attached) - 95% of the time when keyboard attached
    • Windows7 (for when keyboard is attached) - 5% of the time when I need to run an application from where I work where the GNU/Linux equivalent is not application file compatible or the application is a custom work app and simply not available for GNU/Linux

    With the above possibility (one would need a large SD drive ( ~ 64GB) in the Tablet/Netook, then there would be many more application requirements than just those I listed above.

    Its very interesting to see all these Tablet developements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldcpu
    I slight typo ... that should read ....
    unfortunately our forum software does not allow one to edit their initial blog post.
    I can !! And you too: Hover your mouse over the title and a little editing icon appears; click it and you're in editting mode, even allows you to remove the blog entry. BTW I did the editting for you
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    I slight typo ... that should read
    From that I deduce in any Tablet (which with a ~ 25.5 cm (or ~ 10") screen size)
    unfortunately our forum software does not allow one to edit their initial blog post.
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    I had a chance to very VERY briefly look at the iPad2 and also the Motorola Xoom today (not side by side, but about 2 hours apart).


    First my wife and I in one of the local notebook shops looked at the iPad2. It was switched OFF, and I could not switch it on. My wife (who has an iPod) showed me how to switch it ON. OK, so it was not intuitively obvious to me.

    I pressed on a browser app (Google came up) and could not see a keyboard. How to get keyboard ? It was NOT intuitively obvious to me.

    My wife showed me how to bring up the key board (just press in the location bar). When finished, how to remove the keyboard? My wife showed me. Again, it was NOT intuitively obvious to me.

    When finished with the browser, I could NOT figure out how to go to another app. My wife showed me. Again, it was NOT intuitively obvious to me.

    I started another app. Photo Album. Very nice. We rotated the screen 90 degrees. Nothing. No iPad2 screen rotation. I looked at my wife. She took the iPad2, shook it, and the screen rotated. Ok. Was that supposed to be intuitively obvious ? It was NOT intuitively obvious to me.

    We tried some other apps. All very nice, but frankly, if my wife had not there, it would have been an unmitigated disaster. NOTHING was intuitively obvious to me. It was the same experience I had when my friend lent me his Apple Notebook for a couple of hours a couple of years ago. NOTHING on the notebook worked for me. He had to show me everything and after he left I could only remember a fraction of it.

    With the Apple notebook my friend was shocked, and I was annoyed ... It was like if you can't figure out the 'Apple' way then you are automatically categorized as a blasphemous idiot. Blasphemous for not finding the Apple product intuitive and 'just working'.

    I thought Apple products were supposed to have a 'just works' intuitive interface ?

    It reminds me of the song "Just another brick in the wall". With an Apple product, there is either the Apple way or no way. ie you are just 'another brick in the wall', or just another 'apple on the tree'. I don't like that. Not at all.

    I do concede with my wife's tutoring the iPad2 was REAL nice. But I can't have her there all the time.

    Motorola Xoom

    After shopping for shoes, a watch strap, had a snack ... etc .. my wife headed off to visit friends and I dropped into another of our local PC shops. They had four tablets on display, the iPad2, an Archos (unknown model) an Acer Icona Tab A500, and a Motorola Xoom. There was a line up of people waiting to play/test the iPad2, the Acer, and the Motorola. The battery was dead on the Archos. The iPad2 line was a zillion children wanting to play games. No way that line was going to disappear any time soon. I got to the front of the Acer Icona Tab A500 line and the battery died just before I got there .... < arggg > ... So I hopped in the Xoom line and got to play with it. Of course my wife was not there to tutor me.

    Still after my FRUSTRATING iPod experience, I found the Android-3.0 operating system running on the Motorola Xoom surprisingly intuitive compared to the frustrations I had with the iPad2. What gives ?? Is this NOT supposed to be the opposite ?

    I like the way one can switch between 'desktops' with a swish of the finger. I liked the easy to figure out friendliness for adding an app to the desktop. The apps them selves ? well they worked without my wife's help (as she was NOT there to guide me) although I did note they were not as slick as the iPad2 apps.


    As I stated, I did note the applications on the Motorola Xoom (in the store) were not as 'slick' as those on the iPad2 (in a different store). But I also note the 'slick' Apple iPad2 apps did NOT work for me without my wife's tutoring. But the Android (Motorola Xoom apps) DID work for me with no such tutoring, even though they were not as slick.

    I have a lot more looking to do, but IMHO 'the jury' for me, is still out. I may purchase an Apple product, or I may purchase an Tablet with an Android OS. If I do go for Apple, I'll have to use a lot of mouth wash, as right now I have a very sour taste toward Apple and their proprietary philosophy and products, and a design that for bizarre reasons only known to Murphy (and the big jester in the sky) don't seem intuitive to me. ... < sigh > ...
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    I saw an interesting summary of some tables on - Best Tablet PC, iPad/Android Reviews, News :

    • iPad2
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    • Asus EEE Pad Transformer
    • Acer Iconia Tab A500
    • Acer Iconia W500
    • LG G-Slate
    • Motorola Xoom
    • Asus EEE Pad Slider
    • Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series
    • Archos Arnova 10
    • ViewSonic ViewPad 10 dual boot
    • Archos 101

    I was surprised to read that the Acer Iconia W500 came with Windows7 (as a tablet) which made me wonder if one could easily replace it with a GNU/Linux distro

    Another option, if one does not mind 3x (or more) the weight is to look at a "netvertible" (ie netbook/tablet convertible). An interesting summary list of more interesting models

    • Asus EEE PC T101MT
    • Dell Inspiron Duo
    • HP TM2
    • Gigabyte T1125N
    • Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t
    • Asus EEE PC T91MT
    • Gigabyte TouchNote T1000P

    I have not formed an opinion on any of these yet, although they are all intriguing. I note openSUSE is reported running on the Gigabyte TouchNote T1000P
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    Reference the termination part of the Richard Dreyfuss iTune licence read, I have to agree. While I don't speak German (my wife does), I do live in Germany and I have a definite love for Germany, for the German people, and for the German culture. Phonetically German is a 'harsh' sounding language, and IMHO no one can do a rant that sounds better than a German rant (no matter what the subject matter).

    I agree with your view on the preference for a 10" or 12" notebook with a touch-sensitive swivel screen, ... but my wife is suggesting I hold off a purchase there, as she believes I will prefer a lighter weight tablet (her philosophy is I should take two devices with me: (1) a regular netbook/tablet for use in Hotel room, and (2) a dedicated tablet to carry in the backpack. I need to ponder this some more, while the technology advances.
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    [QUOTE=oldcpu;bt46]Richard Dreyfuss Reads the iTunes Licence[/URL] [/QUOTE]

    Very funny. The termination part sounds almost like a 3rd Reich speech (you know who I mean ).
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    Indeed, the ipad is very pretty, it's easy to see it's "must-have" appeal. That's something Apple/Jobs always did well.
    Samsung Galaxy seems interesting too, from what I have seen.
    And the appliance approach is not unreasonable, it's almost like wanting to upgrade the SO on a digital frame - I have one that even play movies, for god's sake!
    BUT they all have the "do-it-my-way-or-don't-do-it" approach, "buy from my app-store or not at all", that I find very restrictive. So if I really want a tablet - which is not good for anything else that occasional use IMO - I'd buy a 10" or 12" notebook with a touch-sensitive swivel screen, like I've seen from HP. It packs a lot more bang for a little more buck. And I probably can install oS in it. Downside: heavier, less battery time, but I can live with that.
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    And while I am going to look (and consider) Apple iPad as a possible Tablet to purchase, I could not help but laugh at what Richard Dreyfuss posted on YouTube: YouTube - Richard Dreyfuss Reads the iTunes Licence
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    I note now that Samsung with the Galaxy 10.1 tablet have an interesting offering with the Android operating system. Its almost identical in size to the iPad (possibly even thinner) and offers capabilities competive with the Xoom, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, and Acer Iconia A500.

    I've also changed my mind and decided to consider the Apple iPad. I'm finding the Android operating system so restrictive in Tablets that I see no point in excluding the Apple iPad from consideration. While Apple are very restrictive in their policy, its turning out the Android implementation (with no root access, no means to update one's OS without it being done by the manufacturer, and other aspects) means Android is not all that much more open than Apple. Hence the Apple significant application lead is relatively more important to me than before.

    But before I purchase anything, I may just wait a bit longer to see how the MeeGo operating system evolves. MeeGoo hopefully will be closer to the GNU/Linux philosophy that I like. .... Although MeeGo's future is a bit worrying given Nokia have mostly withdrawn their support from it (after their deal with Microsoft, presumably to support the upcoming Microsoft Windows-8 Operating System).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgroneman
    Hehe..only the first paragraph of this blog shows in the blog preview. It doesn't entice me to really want to click on it to read further, but the title didn't match the text so I clicked. Glad I did. :-)
    Yes, in hindsight I could have done a much better job in writing the blog.

    Now that I've made a couple of blog posts I've learned a bit more about this.
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    Quite informative and useful opdcpu. Both of these Tablets are more than I want to spend though. I am still looking.

    Hoping you have beat your intestinal difficulties.
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    Hehe..only the first paragraph of this blog shows in the blog preview. It doesn't entice me to really want to click on it to read further, but the title didn't match the text so I clicked. Glad I did. :-)
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    The example I gave above was with pulse audio installed. Of course, one can bypass pulse and run the ffmpeg command receive input direct from the device (albeit one has argueably less control over the device input) . The command, for example, for this would be:
    ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:1,0 -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1200 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec libx264 -vpre lossless_ultrafast -threads 0 output.avi
    where in my example here I have assumed the microphone is device " hw:1,0".

    Of course that begs the question, how does now the device (mic) is hw:1,0 ?

    In my case I first ran :
    arecord -l
    which gave me:
    oldcpu@core-i7:~> arecord -l
    **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****
    card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog]
      Subdevices: 3/3
      Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
      Subdevice #1: subdevice #1
      Subdevice #2: subdevice #2
    card 1: U0x46d0x821 [USB Device 0x46d:0x821], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
      Subdevices: 1/1
      Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    and determined my USB (webcam) mic was HW:1,0 (ie card-1, subdevice 0). Since I wanted to use the mic in my webcam to record, I input hw:1,0 in the ffmpeg command. Which happens to my USB webcam mic.

    I think the rest is intuitively obvious ?
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