View Full Version : rlab/rlabplus as rpm package withing opensuse

12-Aug-2016, 19:13
I have been developer of rlab for quite a long time. Rlab is an interactive, interpreted scientific programming environment which provides fast prototyping and program development, similar to matlab(c). Project rlabplus is currently hosted on http://rlabplus.sourceforge.net/ where the latest release of the environment for 32- and 64-bit linux systems, on Intel and ARM platforms can be found. However, to set up rlab on one's system, one needs to install a number of external libraries and their devel packages, which currently has to be done by hand.

This said, I would like to add prebuilt package for opensuse distribution. Is there somebody on this forum who could offer some help.
If building and maintenance of package succeeds, whom should I talk for rlab to be considered for inclusion in official opensuse repositories?


12-Aug-2016, 19:52
Looks like useful software. You could submit such a request to Openfate (https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Openfate_process)

Alternatively, just build using openSUSE Build Service