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24-Jun-2013, 01:40
Perhaps this is a little silly but, I think it would be nice if the openSUSE store had openSUSE stickers to replace the "Windows 7" or "Windows 8" stickers that I remove from my machines.

Just a thought. I'd buy them as long as they looked cool and not cheesy.

19-Nov-2013, 01:18
Like these ? ;)

Opensuse - Unixstickers - stickers on unix, programming, software, development and open source (http://www.unixstickers.com/opensuse)

I'm going to get some myself.

24-Nov-2013, 12:32
Any EU based stores where i could get those? Wouldn't like to pay for customs as it would be more expensive than the stickers themselves.

29-Nov-2013, 08:53
I had them from these guys in Germany
PC-Sticker (http://www.linux-onlineshop.de/Fanartikel/Aufkleber-/-Sticker/PC-Sticker.geek)
see page 4 for the openSUSE pc-sticker

29-Nov-2013, 08:56
Thanks Benmh, will purchase!