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  1. Mesa updates in Tumbleweed, OpenSSL security issue fixed
  2. openSUSE expands outreach for Google Summer of Code
  3. Call for papers for openSUSE Conference starts tomorrow
  4. openSUSE at FOSDEM 2016
  5. Hardware problem: rsync.opensuse.org down
  6. openSUSE makes the Leap to the Public Cloud
  7. Comedy, tech coming to SCALE
  8. OBS welcomes new lambkins
  9. Tumbleweed delivers several KDE updates
  10. New openSUSE Board Elected
  11. Systemd updates, ambitious YaST changes in Tumbleweed
  12. Tumbleweed waits for workers
  13. openSUSE Conference returns to Nuremberg
  14. openSUSE offers choices for KDE Git builds
  15. openSUSE T-Shirts for Leap Day
  16. New workers get Tumbleweed rolling
  17. Organizing Team seeks input for planning conference
  18. openSUSE becomes mentoring organization
  19. Tumbleweed gets KDE app store
  20. Hostel or hotel? Where to stay during the openSUSE Conference
  21. Call for the Host of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016
  22. Python 3.5.1 coming in Tumbleweed snapshot
  23. GNOME 3.20 coming real soon to Tumbleweed
  24. Update on openSUSE Conference
  25. Update on Tumbleweed, Conference
  26. openSUSE to Mentor Six Google Summer of Code Students
  27. Planning on attending the openSUSE Conference?
  28. Free software equalizes economic segregation in schools
  29. openSUSE announces Community Release Team
  30. Tumbleweed gets glibc 2.23
  31. openSUSE announces first round of accepted proposals
  32. Tumbleweed updates Kernel, Mesa, gstreamer
  33. openSUSE helps jump-start new summit
  34. Next snapshot getting Qt 5.6, oSC schedule released
  35. Tumbleweed gets Plasma 5.6.3, Firefox 46
  36. openSUSE Conference Proposals Accepted, Tracks Listed
  37. My First Step of Never Ending Open-Source Journey with openSUSE
  38. First coding week with openSUSE, Google Summer of Code
  39. University of Madrid Student Enhancing openSUSE’s Open Source Event Management App
  40. New Kernel, KDE Applications to arrive in Tumbleweed
  41. Google Summer of Code Student Implementing Payment Feature
  42. openSUSE.Asia 2016 announced from Indonesia
  43. Summit at openSUSE Conference Cancelled
  44. openSUSE @ LFNW – wrapup
  45. New compiler expected in next Tumbleweed snapshot
  46. openSUSE Conference 2016 Day 1
  47. openSUSE Conference Day 2
  48. SoftIron CEO announces new ARM server running openSUSE Leap
  49. openSUSE Conference to end with Docker Meetup, Live Project Meeting
  50. openSUSE.Asia Summit Call for papers is open
  51. openSUSE.Asia Summit | Call for Sponsorships is open
  52. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 | Logo competition announced
  53. Google Summer of Code student focuses on next steps
  54. Systemd updates in Tumbleweed, Leap to have GNOME 3.20
  55. Google Summer of Code Mid-Term
  56. Tumbleweed updates bash, KDE, new Kernel coming soon
  57. Introducing: openSUSE heroes
  58. Newest Tumbleweed snapshot updates KDE Applications
  59. openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 opens up event registration
  60. Tumbleweed gets three snapshots, Leap deadline approaches
  61. openSUSE.Asia Summit has a logo!!!!
  62. Ceph, Git, YaST, kernel update in Tumbleweed
  63. openSUSE Releases Leap Beta, Modifies Road Map
  64. Throw a Beta Pizza Party
  65. Tumbleweed Enhances Encryption, has Massive Updates
  66. Mozilla, systemd, compiler update in Tumbleweed
  67. Updates Enhance Audio, Graphics, Telepathy
  68. New Leap Beta Adds Plasma 5.8 Beta
  69. GNOME 3.22 Streamlines Into Tumbleweed
  70. Mesa, Kernel, GNOME, KDE apps update in Tumbleweed
  71. Beta 3 Release Updates FireFox, KDE Applications, VirtualBox
  72. Tumbleweed gets new Wayland, FreeType, Digikam
  73. Release Candidate Available for openSUSE Leap 42.2
  74. Tumbleweed Gets Two New Kernels
  75. Last Release Candidate for openSUSE Leap 42.2 Released
  76. Tumbleweed brings Halloween Treats
  77. Mesa 13 Arrives in Tumbleweed with New Kernel
  78. Optimal Release for Linux Professionals Arrives with openSUSE Leap 42.2
  79. Organize an openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Party
  80. openSUSE Mentors Blog about Google Summer of Code Experience
  81. MJ Technology Tablet has openSUSE, Dual Boot
  82. Tumbleweed Delivers Incredible Snapshot Streak, Newest Kernel
  83. Tumbleweed Gets 4.8.10 Kernel, Updates for Virtualbox, VIM
  84. openSUSE Heroes meeting, day 1
  85. openSUSE Heroes meeting, day 2
  86. openSUSE Leap 42.2 gets 64-bit Raspberry Image
  87. Announcing openSUSE’s GPG Key Server – keyserver.opensuse.org
  88. Git, Kernels, LightDM, More update in Tumbleweed
  89. Election season begins for openSUSE Board
  90. GNOME, Notmuch update in Tumbleweed
  91. Mesa, Kernel, Wireshark update in Tumbleweed Snapshots
  92. Tumbleweed Preps for PulseAudio 10, Gets Ruby, Python Updates
  93. New systemd, Plasma 5.9 Arrive in Tumbleweed
  94. openSUSE Cloud Images are Ripe for Users
  95. New Package in Tumbleweed Enhances Rolling Updates
  96. Tumbleweed Snapshots Bring Users New Vulkan, 4.9.7 Kernel
  97. openSUSE Elections 2016/2017 resumed
  98. Kernels Becoming Tumbleweed Norm, Grub 2 Gets Release Candidate
  99. Kopano, openSUSE: Yes, we’re open!
  100. openSUSE Heroes December meeting – final results
  101. OBS got the power!
  102. Tumbleweed Gets Kernel 4.10.1, Mesa 17, Python 3.6
  103. Committee Accepting Proposals for openSUSE.Asia Summit
  104. Systemd Gets Important Commit in Tumbleweed
  105. GNU Health, openSUSE Pioneer Shift in Healthcare Management
  106. Google Summer of Code 2017
  107. Conference to have Daily Keynote Speakers
  108. Newest GNOME, KDE, Kernel Arrive in Tumbleweed
  109. Bird Watching: An openSUSE Maker Project
  110. Samba, Ceph, LightDM Update in Tumbleweed Snapshots
  111. Tumbleweed Snapshots Update Fonts, Perl, Python Packages
  112. Students to Enhance Multiple Open Source Projects
  113. Excited about oSC17? Volunteer to experience another aspect of it!
  114. GNOME 3.24.1, Plasma 5.9.5 Arrive in Tumbleweed
  115. Announcing openSUSE’s status page – status.opensuse.org
  116. Kernel 4.11 Arrives in openSUSE Tumbleweed
  117. Enterprise Beta Sources Added to openSUSE Leap 42.3 Build
  118. Conference Talks Uploaded, Stream is Live
  119. Introducing Kubic Project: a new open-source project
  120. GNU Compiler Collection 7 Now openSUSE Tumbleweed Default
  121. Next Leap 42.3 Snapshot Equates to Release Candidate
  122. Tumbleweed Snapshots Pick Up Pace
  123. KDE Applications 17.04.2 Arrives in Tumbleweed
  124. Website About People of openSUSE Ends Hiatus
  125. Tumbleweed Gets Qt 5.9, mp3 Out-Of-The Box
  126. GStreamer, Mesa Packages Updated in Tumbleweed
  127. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan
  128. Plasma, Ceph, Git Update in Tumbleweed
  129. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo: Call for proposals is open
  130. English openSUSE wiki will be updated and moved home
  131. Join the 3D Design and Printing Workshop
  132. Tumbleweed Snapshots Update AppStream, Mesa, Frameworks
  133. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Logo Competition
  134. Heroes preparing to make the leap
  135. Plan A Community Release Party for openSUSE Leap 42.3
  136. openSUSE Heroes Spring Into Action
  137. Refresh of Linux Distribution Continues Leveraging Community, Enterprise Benefits
  138. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017: Call for Sponsorships
  139. openSUSE Leap 42.3 Cloud Images Become Available
  140. Cast your Vote — openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Logo
  141. Catching up with Tumbleweed Snapshots
  142. Are Governments Held Hostage? Why openSUSE Supports Public Money Public Code
  143. Design Selected for openSUSE.Asia Summit
  144. New KDE Applications, PulseAudio Arrive in Tumbleweed
  145. New Repository Caters to Tumbleweed’s Nvidia Users
  146. Planned Downtime to Affect openSUSE Services
  147. SUSE Studio online + Open Build Service = SUSE Studio Express
  148. Tumbleweed Goes Astronomical
  149. Hack Week Announced for Mid-November
  150. Special Edition Highlights openSUSE, KDE
  151. Plasma 5.11, GNOME 3.26.1 Land in Tumbleweed
  152. GNU Compiler Collection 6 Removed from Tumbleweed
  153. Start Using Qt 5.10 Beta in KDE Unstable repositories: Krypton and Argon
  154. From Drivers to Kernel, A Week Full of Tumbleweed Snapshots
  155. Update to Kernel 4.14 Among This Week’s Tumbleweed Snapshots
  156. Current Status: openSUSE and “Spectre” & “Meltdown” vulnerabilities
  157. Future Tumbleweed Snapshot to Bring YaST Changes
  158. openSUSE Conference Registration, Call For Papers Opens Today
  159. New Python3, LibreOffice, Google RE2 Packages Released in Tumbleweed
  160. Become a Google Summer of Code Mentor for openSUSE
  161. cPanel Provides Project with Network Cards
  162. Tumbleweed Rolls Forward with New versions of Mesa, Squid, Xen
  163. openSUSE 42.2 to Reach End-of-Life This Week
  164. Ruby, YaST, Plasma 5.12 Beta Get Updates in Tumbleweed
  165. openSUSE – Meltdown & Spectre Update – 26 Jan 2018
  166. The future of openSUSE-Education
  167. Find Out the Visa Requirements to Attend oSC18
  168. openSUSE Leap 15 Reaches Beta Phase Snapshots
  169. Tumbleweed Snapshots Get YaST Changes for Firewalld
  170. Where to Stay, Getting Around Prague for oSC18
  171. Official KDE Plasma 5.12 Release Now in Tumbleweed
  172. Plasma 5.12 Brings Wayland to Leap
  173. Visit Combined Booths at SCaLE 16X, Save $ With Promo Code
  174. 2018 openSUSE board elections
  175. openSUSE Heroes offsite 2018
  176. Tumbleweed Updates Several GNU Packages
  177. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018: Call for Host
  178. Elections for openSUSE Board Approaching
  179. Tumbleweed Now Has Ratings for Snapshots
  180. openSUSE Elections Postponed
  181. Q&A With Candidates for openSUSE Board Elections
  182. Questions and Answers With Candidates for openSUSE Board Elections
  183. Tumbleweed Starts Week with Plasma, DigiKam Updates
  184. openSUSE Leap 15 Release Scheduled for May 25
  185. Elections for openSUSE Board Run Until April 27
  186. openSUSE Heroes ♥ Let’s Encrypt™ – Expect certificate exchange
  187. Krita, Linux Kernel, KDEConnect Get Updated in Tumbleweed
  188. Request Travel Support for openSUSE Conference 2018
  189. Tumbleweed Gets New Mesa, KDE Frameworks, GNOME Packages
  190. syslog-ng vs. systemd’s journald
  191. Results in for openSUSE Board Elections
  192. Hands on with Docker, openSUSE Leap 15
  193. Status update for openSUSE Conference
  194. Transactional Updates in openSUSE Leap 15
  195. Have a Release Party, Promote openSUSE’s Newest Version
  196. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 Taiwan: Call for proposals is open
  197. GSoC students are already hacking!
  198. Based on Enterprise Code, Tested Millions of Times: openSUSE Leap 15 released
  199. Uyuni: Forking Spacewalk with Salt and Containers
  200. openSUSE Donates 10 More Raspberry Pis to GNU Health
  201. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 Logo Competition
  202. GSoC Blog: openSUSE Conference 2018
  203. openSUSE Releases Leap 15 Images for Raspberry Pi, Armv7 Devices
  204. Tumbleweed Delivers New Kernel, Applications, Plasma, libvirt
  205. Dates, Location set for openSUSE Conference 2019
  206. Krita, GNOME Builder, FFmpeg Get Updates in Tumbleweed
  207. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019: Call for Host
  208. GSoC Half Way Through
  209. Tumbleweed Gets Python Setuptools 40.0, New Versions of Frameworks, Applications
  210. openSUSE Leap 42.3 End of Life is Extended
  211. openSUSE Kubic Moves in a New Direction
  212. Language, Networking Packages Get Updates in Tumbleweed
  213. Tumbleweed Snapshots Bring Changes for KVM, QEMU, Xen
  214. Registration, CfP for openSUSE Conference 2019 Open
  215. openSUSE.Asia Summit
  216. Hexchat, Duplicity Among Packages Updated in Tumbleweed
  217. Latest Tumbleweed Snapshot Brings Major Versions of Flatpak, qemu, Thunderbird , Nano
  218. openSUSE to Have Summit in Nashville
  219. Tumbleweed Gets New Versions of KDE Plasma, Applications
  220. openSUSE Conference 2020: Call for Hosts
  221. VIM, Xen, Git Packages Updated in This Week’s Tumbleweed Snapshots
  222. openSUSE to have Summit at Southern California Linux Expo
  223. Tumbleweed Gets Plasma 5.14, Frameworks 5.50
  224. KDE and openSUSE: Plasma 5.14, Qt 5.12 and more
  225. Tumbleweed Gets New Versions of KDE Applications, Krita, Apache Subversion
  226. GSoC 2018 Mentor Summit
  227. Marvell, TUXEDO Computers Sponsor openSUSE Project
  228. openSUSE Develops Legal Review System
  229. Find Out the Visa Requirements to Attend oSC19
  230. Gimp Goes Vertical, OSTree Preps for Changes with systemd
  231. openSUSE to Have Poster, T-Shirt Design Contest for oSC19
  232. Thunderbird, YaST, Sudo Updates Arrive in Tumbleweed
  233. Tumbleweed Rolls with Package Updates of Git, Virtualbox, OpenSSH
  234. 2018-2019 Elections Underway with Calls for Candidates and New Members
  235. openSUSE Enthusiast Creates Board Elections Poster to Encourage Participation
  236. Request Travel Support for openSUSE Conference 2019
  237. Google Summer of Code 2018
  238. No Candidates? Board might be forced to hand pick new Board Members
  239. First Two Candidates for the 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections Announced
  240. Six Impressive Candidates Step Up for the 2018-2019 Board Elections
  241. And the Race is On! 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections Enter Campaign Phase
  242. Tumbleweed Starts Year with New Plasma, Applications, VIM, curl
  243. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet incumbent Christian Boltz
  244. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet Dr. Axel Braun
  245. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet incumbent Sarah Julia Kriesch
  246. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet Sébastien Poher
  247. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet Vinzenz Vietzke
  248. Kubic is now a certified Kubernetes distribution
  249. Tumbleweed Gets New grep, Linux Kernel 4.20
  250. 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections: Meet Nathan Wolf