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  1. How does one edit their own post?
  2. Minor annoyance with the pager
  3. Question on event reminders
  4. email and password change
  5. view your own posts
  6. Login still a riddle
  7. the forum website
  8. NNTP threads split
  9. New forum software
  10. How can i change my display name
  11. User ID, Password, and email address issues
  12. Member name Question
  13. member levels
  14. Re: Problem winth scim/skim
  15. Login Question
  16. Marking as Solved
  17. Ping Kim Groneman
  18. How to remove tags from a post
  19. Importing account from other forum
  20. have to login evry few minutes
  21. logging in impossible sometimes
  22. opensuse forum question , problem
  23. openSUSE Basic skin
  24. Unable to post via web?
  25. [account] novell / opensuse forum
  26. Can't change my email address
  27. How to subscribe with immediate email notification
  28. how to stay logged into forums indefinately?
  29. Option to edit your post not there when it should be
  30. Rewarding Good Answers
  31. table formatting missing divider?
  32. Unanswered posts
  33. Google links broken?
  34. how many topics Do I have to have to be a member?
  35. lost identity
  36. web v nntp making me crazy
  37. NNTP unreachable
  38. strange browser behavior - IE 6
  39. Bug in the bulletin board
  40. HELP! Have somehow lost my LAN...
  41. how do I disable smileys?
  42. Had to change name for account, can old msg be linked?
  43. SUSE IRC help
  44. Adding to an archived thread?
  45. Wow I hate to forward port 443 to get on
  46. Editing post
  47. valid passwords
  48. Reputation, How-to ?
  49. cyclic link prevents konqueror from browsing these forums
  50. Editing Posts - Time Limited
  51. attachments?
  52. Uploading a screenshot...
  53. How stay logged in?
  54. subscribe to thread
  55. Random Logouts when logged IN.
  56. OpenSuse Licence question
  57. nntp access down Kim?
  58. How to you improve your status ?
  59. Re: opensuse 10.3/10.2 grub boot challenge
  60. FForum changed webpage? Konqueror cannot load.
  61. Login error - happened again!
  62. NNTP dowm here again
  63. New Post question
  64. Network printer
  65. Another failed connection
  66. Giant fonts when forum viewed in FireFox
  67. The Keywords box: searching for 5.1
  68. Post message claims use og 14 images
  69. Like pulling teeth...
  70. Cyclic Link Detected
  71. Login / Logout / Login / Logout
  72. How to mark threads as 'Solved' or 'Closed'?
  73. inline comment form
  74. nntp postings always with id:Guest
  75. test posts
  76. community map
  77. Deleting my account???
  78. How do I change my email address?
  79. Highlighted Search Words(Terms) in search results?
  80. Communicate/Usenet page out of date
  81. Would this be a double-post?
  82. Where is my lizard??
  83. reply box
  84. why can't I log in this forum in opensuse
  85. Who are the 'guest' users?
  86. Re: Webcam Canyon CN-WCAM21 (USB)
  87. OpenSuse 11.1 and Novell Client
  88. HDD partitions are not readable
  89. Ping Kim - nntp post length.
  90. Getting little susies under my name
  91. REP Indicators
  92. Помогите , с вино (Wine) для 11.1 OpenSuse
  93. Quick Reply Option
  94. Cannot login with FF and openSUSE
  95. funny login after monitor change
  96. Signature permissions
  97. Problems with Spam protection
  98. A problem with opensuse 11.1 Repositories
  99. New Forum Themes
  100. Frequent troubles connecting to opensuse.org
  101. iommu=1 in menu.lst > panik cpu0
  102. eMail address change
  103. Avatars gone
  104. Is it okay to mention another Suse forum here?
  105. Where can I leave suggestions to the openSUSE developers?
  106. openFate is broken
  107. would it be okay to . . .
  108. Nntp problems
  109. Nntp problems
  110. Interesting username problem
  111. yast2:curl:"problem 2 bad chunky"
  112. RSS feed of opensuse does not update in firefox
  113. PNG images as attachments
  114. Media Playing
  115. what is the size of the repository OpenSUSE?
  116. A request for deletion of a post
  117. Account Deletion
  118. How many Geckos does my Penguin
  119. Archives
  120. How is your rank determined?
  121. Why Hungarian and Hebrew?
  122. Database error in English Wiki
  123. Does it work?
  124. Power Outage in Nuernberg Office
  125. Login screen certificate not authentic
  126. Strange behavior trying to change my email address
  127. my original suse acount just changed?? don't like it.
  128. Set differents wallpapers on suse 11.2
  129. Multiquote?
  130. Deleted post goes through NNTP
  131. Help on Cuppswrapper that is not installing
  132. Updating my KDE form 3.5.9 to 4.5 in Suse 11.0?
  133. UTF-8 vs. Latin-1
  134. about network .. `
  135. directed to wrong profile
  136. Signature length
  137. Post editor font in Opera
  138. Forum layout messed up?
  139. opensuse 11.2 on CD, not DVD - can't update!!
  140. opensuse 10.2 cannot create full munber directory.need help!
  141. e-mail help
  142. New posts?
  143. Joining groups
  144. nntp messages not appearing on the http side
  145. If you experience problems with any of our services
  146. Apache installation
  147. Mark forums read
  148. Need to Install Wireless USB Adapter from Trendnet TEW-424UB
  149. what happened?
  150. how to stop unintended smiles/emoticons
  151. problems with login under new Basic style
  152. where is the "Strategy" discussion thread
  153. NNTP gateway lost its mind
  154. RSS for sub-forums
  155. Testing leafnode
  156. Is it possible to get feed form o.o ?
  157. Is it permissible to bump my own thread if there's been no response
  158. You may not post attachments?
  159. what happened today at 1923 CET ?
  160. thread-keeping ?
  161. What's with the tinyurls ?
  162. Suddenly fetchnews (leafnode) has stopped working
  163. confused again
  164. Where have I got my Chameleon (icon) from?
  165. Signatures etiquette
  166. What do all the icons mean?
  167. Missing posts, some appear in the web forum, but not via nntp.
  168. rtorrent seeding
  169. How to mark a post as solved?
  170. spam here?
  171. Why aren't my posts counted?
  172. NNTP: to wrap lines or not to wrap?
  173. NNTP: viewing threads in thunderbird.
  174. Posted links do not show.
  175. How to subscribe a thread . . .
  176. Forum spam ?
  177. Screen resolution
  178. Forum nntp server, and links not working
  179. Remember me / login permanently
  180. Sender of subscribtion mails changed
  181. 11.4 Tracker down?
  182. How to edit signature in this forum ?
  183. Thunderbird lost colors
  184. Where is or is there a report button?
  185. Re: Multiboot Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and similar with Grub in openSUSE
  186. How to show new posts in only desired language?
  187. edit signature
  188. Can't upload photo to forum with new reply feature.
  189. nntp side down
  190. gateway each 10 minutes, again
  191. filtered What's new
  192. Poll
  193. Using Tapatalk with the forums?
  194. help with viewing event logs.
  195. Code tags lost.
  196. Newsgroup name conflict?
  197. Duplicate nttp messages.
  198. spam here again...
  199. NNTP Gateway stopped.
  200. Code tag bold formatting
  201. Re: NNTP Test Thread - Take II
  202. how to stay looged in permanently -
  203. Why do I get duplicated posts?
  204. Title changes are not propagated to NNTP.
  205. Non threaded replies via NNTP.
  206. How do I report spam here?
  207. Links from Google search results always lead to the main forums page
  208. Accessibility issue to the forums
  209. Search forums verification words illegible
  210. Chancge my e-amil from bugzilla
  211. nntp gateway acting up again.
  212. Gateway Issue (was:Re: Update 11.4 to 12.1 bootloader cannot mount root partition)
  213. Disappearing thread
  214. Posting on locked thread. How come?
  215. how start a Poll in openSUSE forum?
  216. Is it possible to show all the unread threads ?
  217. The lone dot issue bites again.
  218. Is there an RSS feed for the English forum only?
  219. forum how-to needing an update
  220. Is it possible to change my default thread subscrption options.
  221. forum groups
  222. keyboard navigation of forum and the "next" page link image...
  223. Message Editor Interface: Can I get "standard" without hopping through the "simple" quick reply?
  224. Bug in forum search feature?
  225. how can i set my signature which always follow below every post and reply?
  226. how can i find all threads started by myself? how can find all threads that i have replied to ?
  227. Default layout.
  228. Recent (I think) issues with openSUSE Forums
  229. What's the procedure to move a thread?
  230. Is there a single RSS feed that can provide me data for the entire forums?
  231. vsftpd pam authentication issue
  232. How to post a question in the forum
  233. Proposed Forum Posting modification to guide including essential info
  234. Can't change password/email address
  235. Illegal headers in nntp
  236. html in nntp?
  237. Filters?
  238. NNTP gateway
  239. How to change my title?
  240. Can't change e-mail...
  241. Cookies generated by Forum usage - which are needed?
  242. Searching for an article in the forum
  243. Want to use mailer to post to the forum.
  244. Need reply button.
  245. OK so the NNTP gateway changed, what about user@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org ???
  246. After whatever happened to the nntp hardware, threads are broken.
  247. NNTP access (again)?
  248. email subscription apparently not working
  249. NNTP access problem: 119: Connection timed out...
  250. nntp - web mismatches.