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  1. why is the french forum closed?
  2. Tech news subforum rss feed
  3. What's wrong with Rating thread system?
  4. My profile: You may not post attachments
  5. Applications forum is too busy
  6. line missing in NNTP
  7. Please delete my posts and account.
  8. How can we get ja forum?
  9. Wiki help - help?
  10. why do we have a Pre-Release/Beta forum?
  11. Build issue on Suse10 x86_64.
  12. External link to openSUSE Romanian Forum
  13. Is there text base style(UI) ??
  14. Lizards based on posts count!
  15. openSuSE Forums
  16. Annoying redirection
  17. add country flags to make language forums easier to catch
  18. Anyway to get both KDE and Gnome when you install openSUSE?
  19. About 'Securing Your Personal Information'
  20. utf-8 vs western iso-8859-1
  21. nntp vs hhtp mismash in new wiki discussion forum..
  22. File Manager View Properties (in details columns)
  23. posts missing in nntp
  24. Staying logged into Forum...
  25. Forum default/basic theme on/after login
  26. Posts list not visible
  27. member reputation
  28. impossible to get into bugzilla
  29. folks posting help questions to chit-chat
  30. How to subsrcibe to new postings in a forum
  31. Dictation / Voice to Text - Is it forgotten?
  32. Quick Way to Read Threads with Zero Replies?
  33. Cursor hover show msg start in Search results only
  34. Polls display bug
  35. New forum setup I like it
  36. Secure Login Error
  37. Is it bug?
  38. Suggestion: I miss a quicklink
  39. E-mail announcements are in unrecognized encoding
  40. show date of thread starter
  41. [Suggestion] Seperate subscription option for polls
  42. spelling
  43. screenshots forum uploaded picture gone
  44. Account management
  45. why does it look lite this?
  46. cosmetic irritant
  47. why other language messages appear in English forum?
  48. Still Another Forum Layout Change(SAFLC)?
  49. request for better Wiki - Forums integration
  50. Case-sensitive
  51. missing part of message
  52. make login screen dynamic width
  53. "Community \/" "Search \/" "Quck Links \/" does not work
  54. Solicitate a Promos DVD from Opensuse
  55. Language specific forums
  56. Drop menus no longer working
  57. Virtual
  58. a commendation
  59. Re: a commendation
  60. search don't work
  61. "Calendar" in the new "Basic" style
  62. Logging out
  63. Possible security hole in sshd_config
  64. MOVING THREAD: Re: Possible security hole in sshd_config
  65. Because the forum openSUSE Linux does not support UTF-8 format text with accents, used in the...
  66. Link to Build Service
  67. new forum style
  68. Portuguese Forums
  69. Smilies In Webpages (URL and names)
  70. I'm curious: why use tinyurls?
  71. New Post Issue
  72. Some problems seen
  73. preview of last post gone
  74. Quick reply the default?
  75. Remove white-togray gradien from thread division.
  76. UTF-8
  77. Problem with page-up when viewing a thread
  78. NNTP gateway down?
  79. Make the icon of each thread at left smaller
  80. Forum Default Search Setup Problem
  81. I need a forum rule clarification
  82. Replying to unseen message
  83. Consolidate changes in KDE Gnome Yast etc
  84. Dual booting problem
  85. extrememly slow forums
  86. http <>nntp link broken again
  87. I broke Knode
  88. How to apply for sub-forums in new languages?
  89. I need to edit a post of mine or have it edited
  90. 'this section' link in header for new users goes to invalid thread
  91. Forum title icon size
  92. Couple of suggestions
  93. Can someone sticky the Configuring Graphics Cards wiki
  94. Is NNTP gateway working?
  95. Enable Num Look at boot time.
  96. Activate keys, AltGr key keyboard shortcut by default.
  97. Add all the programs and features also the maintenance of Parted Magic.
  98. Add support for reading and writing to NTFS, using NTFS-3G.
  99. Change the name SuSE Linux, by its present name openSUSE Linux.
  100. Add the FISH (SSH) in Konqueror and also in other file managers.
  101. Create the YaST2 modules, so you can make the complete inst. and conf. of Neatx.
  102. Fix the link on the homepage of openFATE.
  103. Add audiokonverter in openSUSE Linux 11.4
  104. Replacement for Sax2 in 11.3, and now for 11.4
  105. Mark a thread solved
  106. Go to last post malfunction
  107. reporting of messages
  108. removing unsupported, non-factual and potentially FUD producing posts
  109. Forum Suggestion
  110. Make the do-nothing icons smaller.
  111. Wrong charset is russian forum
  112. Broken 'forum' link at main page
  113. "strange behavior!
  114. I like the new look --
  115. who says there is no community?
  116. Friend requests
  117. Kernel sub-group
  118. why not add read only post in "advanced how to" section about opensuse update procedure
  119. Just saying thanks!
  120. This is what this forum sends
  121. Forum display?
  122. openSUSE Forum Database Error
  123. NNTP users see different/incomplete forum listings.... again
  124. Login page of this forum and user data?
  125. world wide openSUSE community support
  126. Tags for non-english subfora
  127. OpenSUSE.org download page needs fixing.
  128. NNTP and Forum interfaces are disconnected.
  129. iChain inconsistencies
  130. new layout - can't mark threads solved like before
  131. RSS feed is out of sync
  132. Forum subscriptions
  133. Could not log in at openSUSE pages today
  134. nntp <>http interface down
  135. search function working the right way?
  136. Thank you to opensuse forum admins and all the users!
  137. Slow Forums
  138. sis driver for SIS 771/671 PCIE
  139. sax2 gone, what now ?
  140. failure communications medium
  141. Unable to log in from Akgregator
  142. community transition
  143. What's a website where I can post a long terminal printout for linking to in a forum post?
  144. Count or List of currently connected users?
  145. Staying logged in
  146. Where do you configure Display Mode?
  147. Hybrid View
  148. Searching for posts with Replies=0
  149. Can i add animated gif/bmp/jpg file as avatar?
  150. openSUSE forums favicon changed
  151. Forums and Chrome
  152. OpenSuse 10.3 to 11.3 upgrade success. Amazing job everyone!
  153. Other language appearing in forum message
  154. very odd posting rhythm this morning
  155. Top bar dropdown menus on click event, not hover
  156. User nicknames left shifted
  157. what do the new icons mean?
  158. Can someon pleas delete my thread?
  159. CODE tags
  160. You guys must have good eyes
  161. Greek font
  162. Feedback on staff
  163. forum's new look
  164. Spanish forum
  165. Cannot login on this forum when logged in in OBS
  166. Why Russian forum is not available through NNTP?
  167. Blue (Fonts) on Blue (Background)
  168. Login page returns to "page not found"
  169. Requested - HTTPS Forums
  170. annoyances with web interface
  171. Username
  172. Cannot view sent messages (Private Messages aka PMs)
  173. When redirecting from email, if you are not logged in, it redirects to home page after logging in.
  174. is this spam? from fresh user
  175. 64 vs 32
  176. Broken Forums Advanced Search
  177. long and winding road of help
  178. Signature link
  179. vBulletin not "trimming" nntp sigs
  180. Wiki Forums Discussions - Where? and a Wiki HCL suggestion
  181. 'View First Unread' does not work
  182. Links to Novell Login page broken
  183. nntp http interface problem (?)
  184. another nntp/http problem
  185. Realtime chat
  186. Forum USER'S Reputation Goes Down the Drain?
  187. Screenshoots at opensuse.org - 404 not found
  188. bugzilla sign in
  189. Forums Down or Scheduled Maintenance on 3-14-2011?
  190. Request for a post deletion
  191. Increase post edit time
  192. paste.opensuse.org
  193. Fault in the opensuse.org website
  194. Suse 11.4 - I am Impressed
  195. Why don't have a Chinese version here?
  196. Solved etc...
  197. Forums Web does not run on Mobile Web Browsers
  198. Having Long delays in Logging in, posting messages or most anything Tonight (4-4-11)
  199. Why are there no subforums for KDE & Gnome?
  200. Notification new reply when posting
  201. community decision makers take responsibility for their decisions
  202. Forums Web Login layout messed up
  203. Advanced Search not working
  204. Yahoo Messenger issue in forums.opensuse.org
  205. Can't login using Firefox
  206. UTF-8
  207. UTF-8 More info
  208. newbimilty
  209. Problems with opera following yesterdays shut down
  210. recent issues with the forum
  211. Can we PLEASE have a "keep me loggin in" option?
  212. Problem with pop-up text preview and seamonkey
  213. Need to login every time
  214. Forum Celebrations
  215. only 2 tags allowed in blog posts contrary to claim
  216. mistake in username
  217. Forum Tools drop down, 3rd item is in a "foreign" language?
  218. Questions in howto area
  219. Can we have a "Solved" button?
  220. 25th June 2011
  221. More post editing options
  222. auto-trap some phrases
  223. Does search here, specifically decimal numbers, work?
  224. Add NTP.br in openSUSE Linux 12.1
  225. 60,000 Forum Members
  226. fg color for option and select missing in your CSS.
  227. Another beef about forum login
  228. Link from IRC leads to main forum page, not to article.
  229. Sorry, no matches. Try different search terms
  230. Konqueror with khtml and forum posting
  231. Edits
  232. Need to click the link to topic twice (from google search results)
  233. Using Android on Forums - Breadcrumbs and User Settings panel munged
  234. the missing link
  235. Missing Tumbleweed Links
  236. newbiemilty
  237. Re: newbiemilty
  238. Re: newbiemilty
  239. Animated avatar
  240. problem loading page
  241. NNTP Gateway Issue
  242. NNTP Gateway Issue
  243. Forum down with Database Error on 11/6/11 @ 8:00 AM CST
  244. wiki formatting problem
  245. Add Google+ entry for individual's profile
  246. New account registration bug
  247. bug in forum software
  248. annoying 10 minutes edit
  249. duplicate accounts
  250. Forum software seems in trouble