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  1. Assembly Language Programming
  2. Storing some values of an array to a DB: How does Perl talk to MySQL?
  3. Newbie at compiling under openSUSE
  4. using vi editor
  5. anybody knows how to configure mpi library, come on and reply?
  6. Debuginfo missing
  7. LNVHW - Load NVIDIA (driver the) Hard Way from runlevel 3
  8. OpenSuSE GRUB version, YAST, scripting
  9. How to combine a string to get a foreach & run alltogether in a loop
  10. PHP-DOMDocument: need to search for an element with attribute class=“something” [very easy example]
  11. installing python-BeautifulSoup via console - some errors show up
  12. MySQL-5.5.7 with PHP-5.3.4 - phpMyAdmin-3.3.8 is missing native PHP extension MySQLnd
  13. opensuse 11.3 and openmpi
  14. Can't change root in cross-lfs-multilib-x86_64
  15. Displaying partitions infos from hal daemon
  16. Proper way to obtain source code for packages
  17. Help regarding C programing
  18. Installing Epiphany web browser from source
  19. PHP - repetitive [re]call of an operation - stepwise progression in developing a solution
  20. Error logging during make check
  21. How to make newsletter application of internet sites
  22. Test summary for gcc-4.5.1 build
  23. What is my printer name?
  24. opensuse forum redesigned with userstyle
  25. Search Engine Question
  26. Check my site map please
  27. Where to find online resources for PERL, beginner level
  28. A minimal PPD customization example?
  29. Remote host symlink, possible?
  30. How does one meet a python2-devel dependency requirement on openSUSE-11.3
  31. Why don't my Qt apps look like the ones built by others?
  32. fixmime - fix invalid Mime entries and sloppy .desktop files
  33. PHP - Help me debug this script please
  34. Ruby 1.8.7: how to get the newest version now!?
  35. $_POST annoyingly empty
  36. Adress-book in MySQL: how to migrate 10 to one
  37. Building QT4
  38. Need GUI pop-up to edit a string
  39. dialog boxes in bash scripts
  40. lynxdump bash script file - Download a complete repsoitory file list to search offline
  41. input in QT4
  42. C++
  43. Anjuta/Scintilla
  44. Creating RAMDISK for 2.6.37
  45. Haskell installation/building
  46. Need some scripting pointers
  47. [BASH] Partial difference of files
  48. Webshop with audio preview
  49. linker unable to find zlib
  50. Kernel build- WTF am I doing wrong
  51. xmkmf
  52. Learning scripting - training
  53. vm-bridge : convert virtual machines from NAT to bridge or bridge to NAT
  54. vm-create : create kvm virtual machines
  55. writing script to combine traceroute and ping
  56. Java on openSUSE
  57. some strings won't echo -n but will echo?
  58. libimobiledevice example code or Quick Start guide?
  59. Transform a string to an array: with regex, split or explode: I need some help in a simple string!
  60. Remote printing with web interface
  61. Forcing logout? (skill -KILL -u a_user)
  62. File formats
  63. Good Linux progamming language for VB user
  64. Code::Blocks compiler help
  65. Creating RPMs for Qt apps
  66. Software recommendation for a mini-cluster
  67. Kernel compilation problem
  68. CMake fails to find FLTK and CGNS
  69. timer issue
  70. rsync --log-file-format errors from bash script
  71. OpenSuse v. 11.4 and Ruby 1.9: how set up this properly
  72. c/c++ programming at openSUSE
  73. gdb pretty printers in openSUSE 11.4
  74. C/C++ High Resolution Persistent Timer with 1000 ticks per second
  75. [Python] Check my dummy app
  76. Need help with compiling an app
  77. static libusb
  78. Blackbox WM installation issue
  79. Python site-packages directory
  80. How to make a script for automated editing
  81. install CUDA toolkit 3.2 in OpenSUSE 11.2 , make cuda_sdk failure
  82. perl script intended to reactivate computer so that cron jobs run
  83. Strange 64 bit binaries slowdown vs 32 bit binaries on the same 11.464bit system
  84. How to specify an alternative dependency for RPM spec file?
  85. C++ abstract class
  86. [BASH]read line by line, and compare
  87. Starting an X program as a user from a script running as root...
  88. Mentor wanted for C++/ Python and Qt/KDE
  89. How to generate debuginfo rpm package on OpenSUSE 11.2
  90. Programming Kernel modules
  91. handling of exit codes in C/C++
  92. Qt4 How to build 32-bit application on OpenSuse 11.4 x86_64?
  93. tan(pi/2) overflow
  94. bash script, (idiot-level!)
  95. JAVA_HOME environment variable showing twice
  96. updategrub for openSUSE Legacy Grub (not update-grub!)
  97. github login issues
  98. Monodevelop and Dropbox
  99. Cannot execute my own programs
  100. Need to test game development config
  101. gcc 4.5 operation on 'xxx' may be undefined - not happening in gcc 4.3
  102. Trying to compile a module: asm/linkage.h not found
  103. Help with Python setup.py with multiple folders
  104. Haskell Platform Repo for OpenSUSE 11.4
  105. C programming problem
  106. Start script for mysql
  107. MySQL Relations Problem
  108. useradd script
  109. Bash Script monitor process and if two are running kill lowest PID
  110. MakeFile problem
  111. has anyone gotten mod_wsgi working
  112. updaterepos - skipping repos that are down and allowing multiple urls
  113. Update VirtualBox-4.0 Extension Pack.
  114. package manager
  115. Cannot start AppArmor with custom kernel
  116. How to show a preview of a PDF page in a HTML document?
  117. Perl Mechanize: how to process a simple loop [plz review my approach]
  118. I cannot find popupapplet.h
  119. PHP: DOM-Document: need help to apply this
  120. very large SQL-file [1,7 MB] cannot be opened - computer breaks down
  121. OCR-Enginge Tesseract: how to automate text recognition on a large ammount of files
  122. Is OpenSUSE really good to programming?
  123. Trying to make grip - and failing.
  124. partinfo - displaying partition infos -
  125. Start scripting
  126. version control system ??
  127. vapor-2.0.2 build: fatal error: QGLWidget: No such file or directory
  128. rpmbuild fails BUILDROOT
  129. Custom build kernel bigger than prebuilt kernel. Why?
  130. python-tk with "--enable-threads"
  131. Get the current date and time
  132. VC++ equivalent GUI developing tool in Linux
  133. php and mysqli object
  134. Foreground/Background
  135. Modifying Makefile for driver built for UBUNTU
  136. How to know or to list all the soft and hard links an installed distribution has !
  137. make -I /usr/include/ncurses doesn't add /usr/include/ncurses to include path
  138. C.F.U. - CPU Frequency Utilitiy - Version 1.00 - For use with the cpufrequtils package
  139. icecream and precompiled headers compatibility
  140. icecream and precompiled headers compatibility
  141. GDB and C loops
  142. How to create a startmenu entry?
  143. Perl regular expressions and position of match
  144. Parsing files in Perl with the split function
  145. GIMP Themes
  146. Collectfs - fuse trash collecting filesystem - the developers friend
  147. A script to do something when load average is above a specified value
  148. help with using regexes so as to parse files
  149. Terminal issues
  150. Lazarus wont start up
  151. 11.4, Another undefined reference, 'stat', '__libc_csu_fini', and '__libc_csu_init'
  152. Update and recomplile a installed system
  153. S.K.I.M. - SuSE Kernel Installed Modules - A lsmod replacement - Creates an Alphabetized Mod Listing
  154. php and xml config file
  155. OS11.4, gcc 3.3.3 x64: why is pthread_create() changing arg passed in to thread
  156. problems with the std pipes
  157. compositor: quickly sets/unsets compositing (helps with fullscreen Flash on ATI)
  158. openSUSE CLI updater
  159. finding dependencies from a compiled kde application
  160. cross compilation
  161. 11.4: chkconfig/insserv not running /etc/init.d/script
  162. git package manager
  163. Ant JAVA_HOME Issue
  164. Participation in programming community
  165. property - rightmove & facebook
  166. want a KDE front-end for the opensuse app-store in 12.1? yes, well Jos is asking for help.
  167. PyQt4 - global hotkeys
  168. S.A.S.I. - SuSE Automated Script Installer
  169. S.U.F.F. - SuSE USB Floppy Formatter
  170. Quickinstall - search for packages in all repositories
  171. OpenSuse 11.4 fails to configure usb for android debug bridge (adb)
  172. Can I have GNU C++ 4.6 on openSUSE 11.4?
  173. GDB won't install debug info!!
  174. vboxlive - running live CDs in VBox disk-less vms
  175. 11.4/gcc4.5.1/glib2.14: -static option creates undefined reference to clock_gettime()
  176. mpich2-devel-1.4.1 installation problem
  177. Proper Usage for Git & Present Kernel Source File Locations
  178. Can someone please help me or assist me in making a script to replace the default menu in use ??
  179. A "clone" problem
  180. S.L.R.C. - SuSE Local Repository Creator - This Example is setup for Packman
  181. Get unison to quit when finished
  182. SYSEdit - System File Editor - Version 1.00
  183. mpicc/mpic++ - can't compile
  184. Unable to assign thread priority/scheduling using pthread_setschedparam on 11.4
  185. need to convert files to unicode (/u****)
  186. try to use gdb but opensuse crashes and cannot get debug info
  187. newbie help needed
  188. Broken Inode on shared library, what do I do?
  189. Android adb fails to recognize USB connected phone
  190. list, export and remove RPM GPG keys.
  191. Lazarus-can't install help files
  192. looking for translation Guide
  193. C++ Compiler's
  194. Anyone here use Haskell?
  195. Mesa 7.11 compile requires unwanted libdrm nouveau
  196. point'n' click linux
  197. shared library interdependency problem
  198. Inheritance in PyQt4
  199. openSUSE 12.1 and the after.local script in /etc/init.d folder default operation
  200. openSUSE 12.1 and bash scripts known to work with it.
  201. openSUSE 12.1 - Ruby and Ruby on Rails Development Environment using RVM
  202. php5-memcache
  203. Why is there no glibc-devel-static-32bit package in openSUSE 12.1 64bit?
  204. C String Question
  205. c problem // understanding a line
  206. Beginning Arduino - getting user in the right groups
  207. installing package sources with zypper (doesn't work).
  208. wxpython on openSuSE
  209. core file in user directory, what program failed?
  210. Bash's exclamation
  211. Perl Mechanize run into error: failed connecting to “localhost”, port 4242: so what?
  212. Perl Mechanize - how to arrange the output in a concise order: [beginner-question]
  213. bash script temp file
  214. Running commands (that depend on a process being started) in after.local
  215. "s" * 0 - openSUSE Bash completion breaks Bash functionality
  216. A script to add application shortcuts in Gnome
  217. Every gcc -m32 build fails!
  218. Empire earth in wine, suse 12.1,kde
  219. Changing Gnome-shell colors
  220. Turn off Konsole's Suspend Output
  221. Clearing rpm cache ...
  222. G++ includes and linkers
  223. How to install kernel module updates?
  224. Test command line argument
  225. Empire Earth I in playonlinux, wine mouse fix code, opensuse 12.1-kde-64bit
  226. libGL requires libnvidia version 285, although version 290 is installed
  227. kernel cross compiling
  228. mouse coding in suse linux info
  229. Build and app using compiler optimization flags
  230. Python question
  231. Difficulty with openMPI and mpif90
  232. Echo in bash script doesn't print \
  233. Installing Grub2 with updateGrub2
  234. openSUSE - Bulgarian translation - any contacts?
  235. C/C++ Programming of Parallel Computers
  236. WWW::Mechanize::Firefox - how to render the output
  237. Checking partitions alignment on SSDs (GUID partitioning only!)
  238. Dedupe two folders into one
  239. How use LDAP (search) from the C ?
  240. opensuse 12.1,kde, mouse code, understanding
  241. I can't compile c-code
  242. openMPI won't run: fatal error
  243. GCC bitwise operators source code
  244. How to Install SSL Certificates in Website?
  245. Today's C?
  246. Quanta Plus, or other HTML/PHP development environment
  247. Questions on Participation
  248. C# to c++
  249. workaround mozrepl-Timeouts: how to avoid them within www::Mechanize::FireFox
  250. dhcpd won't start from script