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  1. How to install wxPython on OpenSuSE 42.3 and 15
  2. ld fails when building a 32bit c application
  3. Kernel compile problems, LEAP 15.0
  4. I'm crazy with PHP7 and Leap 15
  5. Can't build anything after upgrade to gcc8
  6. openSUSE 15: Unable to link using Makefile
  7. How to save a file persistent with PHP on a server
  8. Applying a patch using Kompare
  9. libytnef-devel missing
  10. Use existing technology in my solution
  11. TW: 'libnm-gtk-devel' not found in package names
  12. Gnome/GTK Development
  13. tcl tls problem after upgrading to leap 15
  14. command to to find difference between dates
  15. LLVM 6.0+ on Leap 15.0
  16. bash - make command shorter
  17. Question about opensuse
  18. GCC: Discrepancy between --param "l2-cache-size=..." and CPU hardware
  19. running a python script in Eric / or Atom
  20. messing wioth scanners
  21. Swing alternatives?
  22. Amazon Corretto
  23. configuring the GIT account basically - with SSH and so on
  24. perl-Curses breakage
  25. sftp> ls -la : command for login to a remote Server
  26. Where would you recommend me to store a Keepass file?
  27. Remove unuse RPM during rollback with zypper
  28. can i use github as a fee - storage is this doable - or do i need to go with bitbucket!?
  29. what do you do to sync the bookmarks that you have collected on several machines - during the week.
  30. What are main differences between Git, GitHub and Bitbucket resp Gitkraken? And also Git
  31. from GitHub to Bitbucket - moving things from one System to another
  32. running banana pi M2 -with a Ubuntu - OS - 10.04 LTS : unfortunatly forgotten the password for root
  33. arm-linux toolchain
  34. perl - What version is in use ?
  35. When devel packages aren't automatically associated with their binary?
  36. Problem whith shell script
  37. Tumbleweed, g++, internal compiler error
  38. Need help setting up openSUSE for "C Programming in Linux" book
  39. [LEAP 15][mariadb 10.2.9] how to get rid from warnings at compile step ?
  40. [LEAP 15][mariadb 10.2.9] What happened with 10.3.6 ?
  41. error linking with libHYPRE
  42. bash - Need root right for accessing any folders eventually '/etc' and start gui apps 'okular'
  43. Chanring MariaDB default root paswword on Leap 15
  44. WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
  45. Leap 15 - troubles compiling PHP 5.6 and 7.1 with mariadb
  46. Printing a PDF Document to a Network Printer using PERL or BASH
  47. PHP upgrade on a Frankenstein Linux
  48. javaFX with java-11-openjdk
  49. Qt5: Can't get bold text in QTextEdit with monospace font (Courier)
  50. Opensuse options for mixing openmpi hdf5 netcdf hdf5-fortran netcdf-c++
  51. struggle with some MySQL USE-statements that throw back errors all the time
  52. [build help] enso apps @ oS-TW
  53. Local additions to spec files and removing unnecessary files install in _sysconfigdir
  54. Missing boost files
  55. Tumbleweed July13 network install version has been slimmed down too lean
  56. Tumbleweed July13 network install version has been slimmed down too lean
  57. Python2's urllib2 broken?
  58. run sub-script as normal user within a script run by root