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  1. Slow wireless after upgrade to 11.4
  2. Using NDISwrapper in OpenSuse 11.4
  3. OpenSuse 11.4 and Edimax 7711UMn
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  5. Realtek RTL8188S
  6. rtl8192se - RealTek RTL8192SE
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  9. routing table problem
  10. network manager + wlan0
  11. How to Install Wireless ( HU200 linksys )
  12. Where does one post for non-wireless routing issues?
  13. Very strange WiFi problem
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  15. Apparently unrecognized Airport card
  16. hp probook 4520s brcm4313
  17. Can't find my wireless network
  18. SUSE 11.4 Realtek 8187B WEP WiFi - no access to Internet
  19. WARINING! Using Virtualbox 4.0 from Oracle can cut down your samba or wifi
  20. Fix for Knetworkmanagers hidden SSID issue
  21. wireless realtek card not working
  22. wireless issues atheros 5001 on hp laptop OpenSuse 11.2
  23. please help blacklisting the driver. Not saving...
  24. Wicd, Python 2.7, and OpenSUSE 11.4
  25. How To Install Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter
  26. Belkin Components F5D7050 Wireless G USB Adapter
  27. WEP cracking tutorial video for dummies
  28. broadcom 4328 wifi card missing from system (lspci) !!
  29. Unable to enable wireless on laptop, even though it's not greyed out.
  30. Getting Belkin F5D-7000 PCI card to work in OpenSUSE 11.4...need help!
  31. wireless suddenly not working while laptop running
  32. D-Link DWA-160 and DWA-140 802.11n connection speeds
  33. Toshiba wireless troubleshooting
  34. Driver for Realtek: "rtl8192ce" - Are there any devices RTL8192CE / RTL8188SE (jet)?
  35. 270Mb/s with DWA-160 and DWA-140 (Ralink RT2870) in openSuse 11.4
  36. No IP for wireless card
  37. wifi conection problem O.SUSE 11.4 feat pro/wireless calexico2
  38. Need help with selecting a new wireless adapter
  39. TO the sticky: Numeric IDs in one step?
  40. Broadcom WiFi card ceased to work after upgrading to Suse 11.4
  41. Atheros wifi WPA problem
  42. Wireless Authentication Required
  43. Wireless connection not starting automatically
  44. Wireless breaks on occasions
  45. Broadcom 4322 malfunctioning.
  46. Automatically connecting to wireless network
  47. Wireless encryption doesn't turn on
  48. Is it Possbile
  49. D-Link DWL-520+ won't connect to router
  50. Wireless success after ethernet adapters reset
  51. AP is recognized but can't ping it
  52. Wireless option greyed out
  53. Wireless does not turn on until nic cable is plugged in
  54. Wireless problems HP ZV5000 Broadcom 4303
  55. Bluetooth phones not pairing up correctly.
  56. BCM43225 Wifi not working in 11.4 KDE and Tumbleweed
  57. Wireless not working on Gateway NV59C
  58. Wireless on 11.3 after install via acpi=off
  59. Wireless Adapter Installation: Realtek RTL8188CE on a Thinkpad
  60. WLAN USB works with 11.3, but not 11.4
  61. opensuse 11.4 freezes with heavy network traffic
  62. Broadcom BCM4312 working 1 tries out of 10
  63. yet another broadcom thread...please help!
  64. Wireless printing with Kodak ESP???
  65. Dell m1330 wlan problems opensuse 11.4
  66. iw_socket_open not found in conky1.8
  67. wifi is not working in DELL INSPIRON n4010
  68. Intel 3945ABG, openSUSE 11.3,11.4, repeating DL speed drop-offs
  69. BCM4311 unable to make connection, but can see network
  70. GNOME 3 broke my Wi-Fi
  71. Cannot use wifi in dell n4010
  72. wireless wont get valid IP
  73. Another broadcom issue with 11.4 (BCM4312) get deauthenticating (reason = 3)
  74. yast2 configs my wlan0, same does iwlist, but I can't connect to my router
  75. Wireless not working when ethernet plugged in
  76. Wirless not working, Lenovo ideapad S10e, Open Suse 11.4 Broadcom 802.11g
  77. wireless does not resume after suspend
  78. WiFi Power Management Issue
  79. Slow RT2500 PCI OpenSUSE 11.4
  80. Intel WiFi Link 5100 with 802.11n (aka 300Mbit/s)
  81. IFUP Woes and grief (set up looks fine and works, but won't auto-connect)
  82. 11.4: Routing (Default Gateway) or DNS problem?
  83. Ndiswrapper will not accept the driver for my WiFi card
  84. opensuse 11.4 module rt2800pci missing
  85. Can hostapd support WEP clients?
  86. Wireless not working for Compaq Presario
  87. Problems with Broadcom BCM4322
  88. No wireless extensions
  89. Ethernet and Wlan must work Howto SOS
  90. Strange problem with WiFi after 11.3 kernel update
  91. wlan will not show up in my network manager
  92. Networkmanager and wireless in 11.4
  93. Broadcom 4311
  94. Int. WiFi and 3G
  95. Wireles printer and firewall
  96. Modules errors when Loading ath5k/madwifi
  97. If you have problems with knetworkmanager in 11.4
  98. RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE driver in kernel
  99. Wireless Connection stuck on activating.
  100. switch off powermanagerment for wlan by default
  101. Netgear WG511v2 drivers
  102. WEP Difficulties
  103. Wireless Card Not Working?
  104. BCM4311 on dell inspiron 1501
  105. no mobile providers listed when creating a new mobile netwoork
  106. Laptop asus z92 + wireless cardbus
  107. How to use WPA2-Enterprise on KDE Plasmoid-NetworkManager
  108. Can't enable wireless
  109. [wireless] need modules restart everytime
  110. Installing driver
  111. Internet very slow on Firefox (done everything I can find on the forum)
  112. BCM4321 on Linksys WPC300N V1
  113. udev sees my broadcom 4315 as an eth device, is that a problem?
  114. Wireless drops out
  115. wireless is not working
  116. Wireless connection problem for first-time OpenSuse user
  117. enabling wireless in laptop
  118. Wireless Problem - unsuccesful WEP-OPEN but successful on WPA-PSK
  119. Computer Crashes when Connecting to Wireless Internet
  120. Wriless is present, connected but no Internet acces
  121. Wireless not connecting on 11.4
  122. followed sticky post on wireless not working till i got confused...
  123. Suddenly cannot access the network
  124. Wireless Help openSUSE 11.4 BCM4311
  125. Anyone using an Atheros 5008 card?
  126. Networkmanager stuck on 'setting network address', then continuously prompts for Hex or ASCII key
  127. no internet connection - openSUSE 11.4 - 64 bits - KDE
  128. Strange WiFi Behaviour Breaks Connection Repeatedly
  129. How to fix wireless settings after sleep & hibernate
  130. NetworkManager only shows VPN tab but no wireless or wired connections
  131. Plug and play wireless adapters
  132. Newbie - Needs to Network Wirelessly
  133. Wirless Sometimes doesn't connect
  134. Wireless notification missing
  135. Wireless not working open suse 11.4 Kde (laptop hp compaq c700 presario)
  136. Setting up 3g card on each boot
  137. Broadcom Wireless
  138. BroadCom Wireless Questions --Easy Answers
  139. Need wireless help for rpm for RTL8188CE and RTL8192CE
  140. opensuse 11.4 doesn┬┤t recognize wireless chipset?
  141. Help needed with Unstable WiFi Connection
  142. At one place do not see wireless network anymore after upgrading to openSUSE 1.4
  143. Another WPA2 won't connect thread
  144. Maintaining WiFi Connection in openSUSE 11.4
  145. Problem with USB wireless
  146. need help with AE1000 cisco card
  147. Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n (Install howto 11.4)
  148. Atheros 9 wifi, weak AP signal
  149. can connect to bt bt openzone of bt fon but not secure connection
  150. after iwconfig wlan0: no such device
  151. OpenSuse 11.4 Wireless RaLink RT2760 installation problem
  152. 3 passwords required for networkmanager
  153. RT2500 compile problem
  154. Can you configure Wireless from YAST> Network Settings?
  155. RTNETLINK answers: Unknown error 132
  156. Trouble with RaLink RT3090 and new kernel
  157. Dell laptop + new BCM4322 minicard + opensuse 11.4 = no wireless (SPROM problem?)
  158. Weird NetworkManager behavior
  159. Automatic Wireless Connection help
  160. Speed issues with multiple cards/drivers
  161. Network unreachable
  162. Help selecting/using Intel Wireless Firmware for Intel Wifi Pro 5300 AGN ?
  163. Sorry Guys It's Another Wireless Problem
  164. Wireless works on live cd, not after install Intel 3945 Toshiba Satellite A105
  165. openSUSE 11.4 KDE_64: Select rt2860 or rt2800pci kernel driver?
  166. Broadcom-wl and bluetooth
  167. 11.4 NFS Established using wifi frustrates subsequent booting
  168. Wireless not working
  169. Is There a Wireless Indicator when using ifup Connection Method
  170. suddenly can't get online wireless
  171. After installation of broadcom driver the wlan-device simply disappeared
  172. Problem with Wireless connections
  173. Linksys WUSB54GC not working
  174. Cannot Remove Old WiFi Profiles - What Files to Delete Please
  175. 11.4 Gnome and Gobi broadband asking for pin and password
  176. my wireless is not working...
  177. Gnome3 Upgrade - Wireless Doesn't Show - Macbook Pro
  178. What to do about wireless?
  179. Broadcom-wl issues
  180. Multiple wireless networks configuration
  181. Can't get my samsung N150 to connect to any wireless networks.
  182. Realtek wireless problems
  183. PCI Edimax EW-7711lN setup
  184. More Broadcom-wl issues
  185. wlan0 does not start 'automatically at boot'
  186. Cant connect to an ad-hoc network...windows 7 can (android wireless tether)
  187. Wireless internet connection stops when I plug in local network
  188. Help needed to understand how to setup a wirless connection
  189. Intel 5100 agn driver issues(new linux user)
  190. Wireless cannot connect to acces point
  191. Cant get IP from DHCP. dhclient wlan0 -> no such file or directory
  192. ? disable auto eth0 ?
  193. Dell Studio 1735 w/BCM4312 WEP connect fails
  194. Wireless Works to Dlink Router Not To Internet
  195. Wireless for Multiple Users
  196. SMC EZ Connectg
  197. kde 4.6 Networkmanagement button "Enable wireless" not active
  198. OS11.4 kernel update broke wireless
  199. Problems with Wireless 1510 drivers
  200. RaLink RT2800 Suddenly Stopped Working
  201. Problems with sharing Printer via a Wireless NIC.
  202. OpenSUSE + ThinkPad wireless == srsly wtf
  203. Yet another broadcom wireless card
  204. Can't access wep encrypted network with linksys wusb11 ver 2.6 net adapter
  205. Toshiba Satellite L350 WIFI/WLAN lost after suspend/sleep and wakeup [Solved]
  206. Broadcom-wl BCM4312 9 firmware missing
  207. wireless scan deprecated on iwl3945 , suse 11.4
  208. wlan0 resume on laptop wake up
  209. after reïnstalling openSUSE 11.4 - no WiFi connection again
  210. bluetooth video transfer
  211. Wireless card will not turn on in openSUSE 11.4
  212. Wireless not working when on battery - on AC everything is OK
  214. BCM4303 firmware installed, cannot make a connection OR scan for networks
  215. Wireless Adapter no longer detected after kernel upgrade
  216. no 64 bit wep option?
  217. Help with RTL8188CE
  218. Wireless Not Working Dell Studio XPS 1645
  219. Can't connect to protected network.
  220. possibly a wireless problem
  221. Wireless Not WORKING!!
  222. wireless not enable-able
  223. ASK - Wireless not active in my laptop Compaq CQ42
  224. cant get wirelessworking
  225. NetworkManager and Gnome 3
  226. network manager does not open
  227. dell inspiron 1440 bluetooth
  228. Can't connect to WEP network, WPA works fine.
  229. Gobi2000 does not answer
  230. EAP-TLS on openSUSE 11.4 x64 - Wireless
  231. Realtek Wireless Adapter (Toshiba A505 laptop) driver needed
  232. problem with evo-w542usb
  233. HP 620 wifi problem. no driver for RTL8101E and RT3090
  234. Cant reconnect after losing connection using NetworkManager
  235. Bluetooth not working with openSUSE 11,4- 32 bits.
  236. Only Connect new network when reboot
  237. Wistron Buttons at startup?
  238. knetworkmanager crashes after bad shutdown
  239. Problem with Novatel 3G modem
  240. SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 / wlan0 up
  241. Sumvision SVW322U (rt3072 chipset) ifup will not connect howerer KDE NM does
  242. wifi card can't connect on network after system hibernate
  243. Broadcom wifi driver working only with Kernel-default
  244. WPA Password With Accents Won't Work
  245. Dell wireless Bluetooth Problem
  246. Realtek driver help
  247. Wireless device is connecting with Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop
  248. How to configure D-Link DWA-125 (Ralink chipset) on OpenSUSE 11.4?
  249. Laptop freezes on connect with one specific wlan
  250. How to install WLAN on HP Probook 6460