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  1. Location of conf file for WiFi please.
  2. Network Manager doesn't list wifi connections
  3. Using Wicked, how can I turn wifi off and on.
  4. Bluetooth sends from pc but will not receive files from phone
  5. What is "pullin-bcm43xx-firmware"?
  6. Wireless device missing after online update
  7. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 2x2 AGN - no wlan-ap's found
  8. wireless on opensuse leap 42.2 kde wasnt working
  9. WiFi Not working iwlist interface does not support scanning
  10. TUMBLEWEED Wireless cannot connect after dup to kernel 4.9.0-{1|2} yesterday
  11. TUMBLEWEED Hotspot creation not working? (KDE)
  12. LEAP 42.2 seems not to support Intel dual band wireless-AC 3168
  13. Needing to restart network.service after coming out of Suspend
  14. HP hs3110 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Module in HP ProBook 645 G2 not working
  15. Weak wifi signal
  16. TUMBLEWEED Slow and unstable Wifi based on b43
  17. Losing wifi connection with mt7630e adapter
  18. OTHER VERSION Intel wifi 4965AGN
  19. RADIUS Authentication not working
  20. Driver for D-Link DWA-123?
  21. Can't Get Broadcom Wireless Working on Old Dell Inspiron
  22. RPI3 => wlan0: no such device
  23. TUMBLEWEED NM Keeps requesting Passphrase After Disconnects and Reconnects
  24. TUMBLEWEED Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)
  25. How to get wifi?
  26. Computer freezes on Wi-Fi connection
  27. TUMBLEWEED Kernel 4.10.x - setting regulatory domain broken?
  28. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect to the WiFi, despite evidence to the contrary
  29. how to connect 2 bluetooth headset to my pc?
  30. Manage WIFI networks
  31. server WiFi, AP only -- card's recognized, but no IP on if 'up'?
  32. Wireless Printer Help
  33. TUMBLEWEED rtl8723be bluetoth not working
  34. Realtek rtl8192EU USB wifi
  35. TUMBLEWEED Broadcom BCM4352
  36. A newbie need help with WiFi
  37. WFi Connection will not connect nor show available SSIDs
  38. Automatic connect with network manager before user logs in
  39. OTHER VERSION Network adapter found but no interface.
  40. TUMBLEWEED Confused on bcm43xx_firmware activation status
  41. TUMBLEWEED After installation, WiFi is no longer working
  42. TUMBLEWEED building a wifi Speaker system that will run off a small tablet and I'm using a powerline adapter
  43. Wifi and VPN remain connected but go dead often
  44. Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth 4.0 (04CA 3014) is not detected
  45. Bluetooth mouse battery not showing in battery widget
  46. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP
  47. WIFI disconnects and reconnects / TP-LINK WN725 v2
  48. Wirless gone after deactivating it
  49. Which driver to specify in hostapd.conf?
  50. WIFI Realtek RTL8188EEI on my PC stopped working
  51. TUMBLEWEED No Wireless or Bluetooth; WLAN0 unable to be configured
  52. OTHER VERSION Problem with rtl8723bs wifi SDIO on Android
  53. Broadcom Now Offering Drivers for some BCM43XX Cards
  54. TUMBLEWEED Has there been a change in broadcom wl drivers in kernel 11.1?
  55. bluetooth keyboard disconnects after an hour
  56. OTHER VERSION Realtek RTL 8187 will not connect
  57. Slow wireless connection on one device
  58. TUMBLEWEED bcm43xx firmware not loading on boot
  59. Need help with wireless and Network Manager in KDE to establish a Static IP address
  60. OTHER VERSION no wireless after kernel update of openSuse Leap 42.1 (x86_64)
  61. TUMBLEWEED rfkill permissions not obeying udev rule
  62. TUMBLEWEED No Wifi networks after hibernation
  63. TUMBLEWEED [solved] Broadcom 4213 driver, packman and tumbleweed
  64. Wicked will not connect my RTL8187
  65. TUMBLEWEED BT USB Dongle Always Powered Off on Boot with OpenSuSE Tumbleweed, Manually start in boot.local
  66. Wifi on Raspberry Pi3
  67. TUMBLEWEED WiFi and LAN connects to router but no internet (question mark in system tray) on ASUS zenbook
  68. TUMBLEWEED Have to "rmmod b43" and "modprobe b43" every time I boot
  69. LEAP 42.3 RTL8821AE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter does not work correctly on LEAP 42.2 and 42.3
  70. TUMBLEWEED Wired works but wireless only loads Google
  71. OTHER VERSION having simultaneous ssh connections via wired and wireless connections - suggestions please?
  72. LEAP 42.3 After upgrading to Leap 42.3, BCM43XX is not working
  73. Chromecast unseen
  74. LEAP 42.3 HP - Pavilion Laptop
  75. QCA6174 wifi disconnects
  76. LEAP 42.3 Ralink / Mediatek mt766u, mt7632u and mt7612u chipsets (NET-DYN AC1200)
  77. LEAP 42.3 LEAP 42.3 Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN didn`t work ;(
  78. LEAP 42.3 Switched from Ubuntu, WiFi won't cooperate with me
  79. How to deal with "rt2x00usb_vendor_request" errors?
  80. TUMBLEWEED Cannot detect bluetooth mouse
  81. OTHER VERSION WiFi not initializing at installation OpenSUSE 13.2
  82. TUMBLEWEED No WiFi after installation. Absence of iwl drivers.
  83. TUMBLEWEED Drivers for RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI
  84. TUMBLEWEED ipw2200:always disbling/enabling
  85. LEAP 42.3 Disconnecting from Wireless networks when closing laptop lid (with external screen connected)
  86. LEAP 42.3 Clean Install Leap 42.3 Wireless Detects, But Fails to Connect
  87. LEAP 42.3 Wireless doesn't work, help.
  88. TUMBLEWEED Opensuse_Tumbleweed - Driver loaded,Firmware installed, but not enabled
  89. LEAP 42.3 rtlwifi problems after mkinitrd
  90. LEAP 42.3 not able to configure wifi conncetion using network manager
  91. TUMBLEWEED BT mouse works flawlessly in Leaps, but keeps disconnecting in Tumbleweed
  92. LEAP 42.3 Bluetooth no connection Thinkpad T420s -> Onkyo TX-8150 Receiver
  93. HP G62 and wireless switch
  94. TUMBLEWEED Wifi periodically disconnects after upgrade from OpenSUSE 13.2 to Tumbleweed 32 bit
  95. LEAP 42.3 Trouble with a TL-WN725N( rtl8188e / rtl8188eu)
  96. LEAP 42.3 Leap 42.3 update breaks atheros QCA6174 on XPS13
  97. ieee80211 phy0: Hardware restart was requested - driver issue
  98. TUMBLEWEED SIM-card not recognized
  99. TUMBLEWEED No Wi-Fi security available in NetworkManager-connection-editor?
  100. LEAP 42.3 How to reconfigure network settings as WiFi is not working.
  101. TUMBLEWEED Bluetooth on 8265 Intel Wireless Duo not detected
  102. Chrome cast won't share audio
  103. LEAP 42.3 Wlan permanent switching between 2.4 and 5.1 GHz, how to stop this
  104. LEAP 42.3 Connectivity troubles with 4G router through rtl8723be
  105. LEAP 42.3 Wifi not working on leap 42.3 BCM43142
  106. TUMBLEWEED unable to connect to wi-fi on mate; security protocols missing
  107. LEAP 42.3 How to hide a device from scan knowing its mac address
  108. TUMBLEWEED No wireless connection after kernel update
  109. LEAP 42.3 Bluetooth is turned on but no adapters are found?
  110. LEAP 42.3 LEAP 42.3 BCM 4360
  111. LEAP 42.3 I see wifi networks but does not connect
  112. LEAP 42.3 Plantronics BBTENSE headset when connecting (bluetooth) profile "off" is always selected
  113. LEAP 42.3 2 bluetooth dongle ?
  114. LEAP 42.3 Connect to WIFI
  115. LEAP 42.3 Torrents downloading
  116. LEAP 42.3 WiFi SSID Not Displayed
  117. TUMBLEWEED TP-Link Archer T9E issues
  118. OTHER VERSION LEAP42.1, Leap42.3 - Wifi network unassociated (but iwlist scan works)
  119. TUMBLEWEED shared for all users (wifi) conection keep getting asked for root pwd...
  120. LEAP 42.3 Realtek RTL8723BE woes
  121. TUMBLEWEED Bluetooth not working after resume
  122. LEAP 42.3 Problems with Broadcom b43 wifi
  123. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed not hooking up to one certain WiFi
  124. LEAP 42.3 Bluetooth mouse trusted and paired, not connecting.
  125. TUMBLEWEED Netgear and TP-LINK TL-WN722N
  126. LEAP 42.3 Stopped connecting to the internet on certain WiFi network
  127. TUMBLEWEED Using a Wi-Fi network with one application and Ethernet for everything else
  128. TUMBLEWEED chicken and egg problem with Kwallet and wifi
  129. OTHER VERSION opensuse kde + wireless compatibility
  130. Epson XP-55 wireless printer not detected by printer setup.
  131. TUMBLEWEED Problems with Broadcom Wifi....again
  132. TUMBLEWEED Bluetooth suddenly stopped working
  133. LEAP 42.3 Bluetooth - Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
  134. LEAP 42.3 Broadcom BCM43228 on Acer Aspire One 725
  135. LEAP 42.3 wpa_passphrade with wicked
  136. LEAP 42.3 Install TL-WN725N driver
  137. LEAP 42.3 Sierra EM7455 / Dell dw5811e doesn't awake after hibernations
  138. TUMBLEWEED Network Manager drops connection and hangs the system
  139. Leap 15 - Laptop wifi - Startup.... Wait > Password > Configuring Wireless.... Wait > Repeat
  140. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager do not work with iwlwifi / Intel Wireless 8265 / 8275
  141. TUMBLEWEED laptop not connected to network all the time Tumbleweeds latest greatest.
  142. RTL8812AU install errors
  143. LEAP 42.3 The WiFi network could not be found.
  144. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager and dhclient
  145. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect to EAP-TLS secured network.
  146. Wifi on enterprise network PEAP not working after upgrade to LEAP 15
  147. LEAP 42.3 TP Link T4U AC1200 Support
  148. NetworkManager wifi device confusion
  149. Wlan with Broadcom wlan circuit (BCM4311 802.11a/b/g) too slow problem
  150. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager freeze the system
  151. WiFi IPv4 Address Label
  152. Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 BGN wifi connection is slow
  153. RPI3 - wireless power managment issue
  154. TUMBLEWEED kde's bluedevil-wizard is not paring, and is timing out (dbus issue?)
  155. OTHER VERSION Install iBall 300m Wireless usb adapter on ubuntu?
  156. LEAP 15 - unable to build
  157. Laptop - xfce DE - WiFI connects to network -no internet
  158. Dot1X with WPA Enterprise in Linux - not an option?
  159. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed kernel too old for Broadcom broadcom-wl-kmp*
  160. Strong wifi signal but cannot connect
  161. btusb Broken after resuming from sleep
  162. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager under KDE acts very weird.
  163. wifi 0bda:b009 realtek semiconductor corp.
  164. TUMBLEWEED WIFI Connection Drops - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 AGN
  165. BCM43142 not working
  166. Bluetooth mouse keeps disappearing
  167. Realtek 8723DE - secrets not deliverd
  168. TUMBLEWEED Wifi intermittently drops, no secrets available
  169. TUMBLEWEED USB tethering to phone works fine, wireless hotspot from phone not working
  170. TUMBLEWEED BCM43142 - cannot configure interface
  171. TUMBLEWEED CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB removed from kernel, forces these cards USA regulatory domain
  172. TUMBLEWEED Wireless network connecting problem using Network connections
  173. OTHER VERSION Is there miracast or something like Miracast Wireless Display Software for Linux OS under openSUSE?
  174. I need some help...
  175. LEAP 15.0 Wireless issue
  176. I need help compiling Realtek 8822BU driver
  177. Wifi shared ap with password
  178. openSUSE in an Asus Chromebox is unable to recognize Wifi
  179. No broadband access on Thinkpad T430, part 2
  180. TUMBLEWEED Switching to Fedora and back to openSUSE renders wireless interface dormant
  181. No Wifi on Leap
  182. ath10k wifi has stopped suddenly
  183. Kernel 4.12.14-lp150.12.28-default panics with Atheros WIFI (ath10k)
  184. Known to work USB Wifi dongle
  185. What good desktop wireless adapter is available?
  186. No wifi connection to printer with Leap 15
  187. Wireless connection behaving erratically with Broadcom cards
  188. TUMBLEWEED BCM43142 Driver
  189. wifi complete off after new LEAP install. And also from my windows os?
  190. Cannot see any wifi
  191. No Wifi after reinstall of LEAP 15
  192. WIFI drops connection if computer is idle for a long time
  193. Remote control TV over wifi
  194. I can't make rtl8822bu
  195. TUMBLEWEED systemd-networkd: wireless configuration does not work
  196. TUMBLEWEED No Wi-Fi connection during and after installation
  197. Bluetooth device pairs after reboot, then becomes unresponsive after a couple of minutes
  198. realtek rtl8812BU
  199. TUMBLEWEED Wifi crashes on browsing or transferring files on Samsung S8 through KDEConnect
  200. TUMBLEWEED Kernel 5.2-rc1 Expecting The Worst: WIFI Dead Overheat No Restart
  201. Any hope for Realtek 8811CU wireless LAN 802.11ac USB NIC working
  202. LEAP 15.1 I don't understand the new login feature for wireless connections
  203. TUMBLEWEED Realtek RTW88-rtwpci New WIFI Driver Starting at Kernel 5.2-rc1 Gnome 20190524-21
  204. LEAP 15.1 Wireless not working after new Leap 15.1 install
  205. TUMBLEWEED Wireless not detecting after uninstalling older version of kernel
  206. Loss of ability to connect to Wireless after Software update and reboot
  207. TUMBLEWEED Problem with snapshot 20190621 and rtl8821ce-kmp-default
  208. LEAP 42.3 Suse Leap 42.3 WiFi drops with authorization supplicant timeout error
  209. LEAP 15.1 DNS server detected by Network not written to resolv.conf
  210. LEAP 15.1 ASUSTek AC51 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter [Mediatek MT7610U]: No USB driver (mt76x0u) available
  211. LEAP 15.1 no Wifi
  212. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager Disconnecting
  213. LEAP 15.1 Are B43 packages from Packman still need in LEAP 15.1?
  214. TUMBLEWEED Realtek RTL8822BE device disconnected
  215. LEAP 15.1 No bluetooth adapter found--what next?
  216. LEAP 15.1 Wireless stats
  217. TUMBLEWEED How to access SMS on SIM card in wireless Huawei E3372s
  218. TUMBLEWEED Wifi randomly dies; iwlwifi Microcode SW error detected
  219. LEAP 15.1 Help required diagnosing random authentication failures.
  220. TUMBLEWEED Kernel 5.2.8 nl80211: Driver does not support authentication/association or connect commands
  221. LEAP 15.1 I can't make rtl8192du
  222. LEAP 15.1 wireless wifi intel 7265 not working
  223. LEAP 15.1 LEAP 15.1 and UART over Bluetooth. Can it be done?
  224. LEAP 15.1 Impossible to add new WiFi connections
  225. Wifi extremely slow on WPA2 Personal network after some updates.
  226. LEAP 15.1 USB Wireless (WiFi) Adapter blocked by the firewall
  227. LEAP 15.1 Leap 15.1 Can't turn wireless on to scan for networks.
  228. TUMBLEWEED Wireless device not working anymore after upgrade to kernel 5.3
  229. LEAP 15.1 wifi will not connect
  230. TUMBLEWEED from 500mbit to 10mbit qca9880
  231. LEAP 15.1 Dell Inspiron wireless not going to places
  232. LEAP 15.1 Bluetooth headset cannot maintain audio integration
  233. TUMBLEWEED wpa3 not proposed in Networkmanager
  234. dongle device driver for rtl8192eu
  235. TUMBLEWEED Mt7601u Driver
  236. TUMBLEWEED Update from Linux version 5.3.8-1-default to Linux version 5.3.11-1-default breaks wireless
  237. TUMBLEWEED ath10k_pci 0000:03:00.0: unsupported HTC service id: 1536
  238. LEAP 15.1 Intermittent wifi connectivity problem
  239. LEAP 15.1 Changed Wireless Router PW - Leap 15.1 no longer connects
  240. LEAP 15.1 broadcom workaround yields slow wifi connection
  241. LEAP 15.1 REALTEC RTL8723BS WIRELESS no work
  242. LEAP 15.1 ThinkBook 14-IML with Intel AC 9560 problems
  243. TUMBLEWEED Unable to install D-Link wireless adapter DWA-171C
  244. LEAP 15.1 Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 issues
  245. TUMBLEWEED Solaar Black Icon
  246. TUMBLEWEED Wireless HP Printer Setup
  247. LEAP 15.1 bluetooth headset unable to switch to stereo
  248. TUMBLEWEED kernel 5.5.xxx not working with wireless
  249. OTHER VERSION Newby loaded CENTOS 8 cant get NightHawk 1900 driver to load
  250. LEAP 15.1 wifi connection how to?