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  1. b43 install of files
  2. Wireless authentication problems
  3. How to make opensuse detected the wireless device and connect it?
  4. OpenSuSe TumbleWeed bcm43142
  5. NetworkManager - Unable to authenticate
  6. macbook pro wireless
  7. USB 3G/4G Huawei e3276 on live persistent USB
  8. Activating wifi card ?
  9. Realtek 8188EE. Connection drops and reconnect again
  10. Atheros Wifi Card turning itself off when the laptop is off
  11. 13.2 Doesn't prompt for wallet password on first login after a reboot
  12. New to Linux - Installing EDUP Wireless Antenna
  13. Internet connection issues when using Opensuse 13.2...
  14. RTL8188E Installation of Wireless manager
  15. Wireless doesn't remember wep password
  16. Netgear A6100 (RTL8811) USB
  17. Panda mini wifi N USB (ralink 3070) adapter and opensuse 13.2 not working
  18. 13.2 KDE - YaST download speed slow but snappy with Zypper
  19. Help needed to make “wlan0” appear after “ifconfig” command:Alfa WiFi adapter, VirtualBox,Win. host
  20. How do I get my wireless settings to stick
  21. problem with Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 BGN
  22. Bluetooth on Intel Laptop stopped working
  23. Wicked network service no longer works after reboot (wireless wpa-spk)
  24. Lenovo G40 'RTL8723be' - wireless disabled by hardware (wifi and bluetooth)
  25. Wireless connnecton dissable
  26. Wireless not working
  27. Update breaks wifi
  28. Realtek 8192cu not working after install
  29. Wireless connection not found after brand new installation - OS 13.2
  30. OpenSuSE 13.2 KDE, Atheros AR9462 and loosing packets
  31. RTL8812au - Patience Please...
  32. Wireless randomly, inconsistently doesn't connect
  33. Random disconnection and other Issues (OpenSUSE 13.2 / Atheros AR9227)
  34. Broke wireless following instruction for release note 13.2.20150224
  35. 13.2 wireless
  36. Ralink / Mediatek mt7612u - can't compile driver module
  37. Getting wireless to work under IceWM, or when not logged in.
  38. Wireless Configuration
  39. How to create a LAN
  40. Complicated Wireless School Network with CA certificate that I can't seem to get working
  41. OS13.1 does not connect to WLAN (rtl8192cu, carl9170)
  42. Broadcom Wireless failed after update to kernel 3.16.7-13-desktop OpenSuse 13.2
  43. drastically changed NetworkManager drops Wi-Fi, forgets p/w
  44. Realtek 8812au chipset
  45. broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop Need help!
  46. Realtech 8821ae Wireless ARAHGH!!!!!!
  47. No Network wired or wireless 13.2 KDE after replacement of wicd with networkmanager
  48. OpenSUSE 13.1 wireless problem with firmware Ralink RT3290 (kernel
  49. I can't open kdewallet manager
  50. Dell Inspiron wireless hell
  51. 802.11ac not working or what?
  52. Fresh 13.2 Install - Wireless Problem
  53. Here we go again (no wireless after upgrade, again)
  54. ath9k issues resolved with a router setting?
  55. Broadcom BCM43142 on Asus X555L
  56. *User* & password prompt for WPA enterprise?
  57. Opensuse beginner, how do I load drivers?
  58. Hard-Blocked (Hardware Switch) Problem.
  59. Problems with networkmanager.
  60. Making the WLAN Stick Configuration Stick
  61. Bluetooth is not working on dell vostro, opensuse 13
  62. Hostapd: Troubles with Authentication
  63. Broadcom SDIO 802.11abgn, BCM43341 chip, Asus T200TA - please help
  64. Wireless not working
  65. rtl8192du works. What happens after kernel update?
  66. Fresh 13.2 install with Broadcom 43228 fails to scan for networks
  67. Can't set wireless on MacBook Pro
  68. Wireless connects to Access Point, yet it doesn't work
  69. openSUSE won't use USB adapter if switch is off; Windows will
  70. Tethering with EasyTether not working
  71. I have just installed Opensuse 13.2 on my laptop but it does not recognize Wireless LAN
  72. no driver for linksys AE2500 wireless adapter
  73. LXDE Bluetooth Support / General Advice Request
  74. WiFi Appears to have been recognized correctly, however, no connections available
  75. Using YAST where no apt-get available
  76. wireless does not work
  77. Changing MAC address disconnects Wi-Fi
  78. Hp Pavilion 17 with openSuse 13.2 device eno1 failed: operation
  79. ASUS USB-N13 Wireless Adapter - No wireless connection
  80. RTL8812AU lag spikes
  81. OTHER VERSION wifi USB stick driver name collision for lsusb - 0bda:818b
  82. Ralink RT3290 Wireless not working.
  83. Can't connect to wireless network
  84. Jabra EasyGo, connected, no sound
  85. Wifi Analyser available?
  86. Opensuse 13.1 wireless is not active
  87. no wireless connection
  88. [Macbook Pro retina 2014]. Broadcom 4360 problem
  89. How do you use wireless?
  90. Wireless not found
  91. Realtek 8723BE wireless adapter establishes connection then unstable and intermittent
  92. Followed "Getting your wireless to work" w/o success
  93. TUMBLEWEED wireless, new laptop Acer e 15
  94. how to start Hostapd after rebooting - Connection established but no ping
  95. WiFi weird issue. Works but not.
  96. Intermittent disruption of wlan connection and long reconnect process
  97. Hardware Switch
  98. openSUSE 13.2 always asks me the root password to access to my hidden wireless every time I login
  99. Can't execute javascript on websites - timeout - only if I connect per wifi
  100. TUMBLEWEED No WiFi After install
  101. Wireless card not recognized or installed at all
  102. Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)
  103. TUMBLEWEED Android phone tethering via USB no longer working
  104. Linux cccompatible drivers.
  105. wi-fi connection goes away after system reboot
  106. FN Key Broken - How to turn on WIFI ?
  107. Realtek 8812au Wireless USB cannot be configured onto a network
  108. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed - Ralink RT3602 No Longer Working
  109. Cannot connect with my wireless card anymore ofter Leap install
  110. Broadcom 4352 wireless [14e4:43b1], anyone tested?
  111. Leap42.1 & broadcom bcm43142
  112. Realtek RTL8191SU PING was working, but I could not access the internet
  113. setting up a wifi access point or repeater
  114. Cannot access my wifi from Leap 42.1
  115. No wifi connection to printer with Leap
  116. Need help with WIFI (Qualcomm Atheros QCA6164)
  117. openSUSE USB Wireless Adapter
  118. Network Manager "Network Inactive"
  119. bad connection with Asus X55U
  120. TUMBLEWEED Killer Wireless-AC 1535
  121. System policy prevents modification of network settings for all users
  122. Wireless Network in Virtualized installation (VMWare)
  123. wireless interface vs wired interface
  124. wifi doesn't work
  125. Ralink RT5370 and 10 GB RAM == problem
  126. UMTS/LTE in Leap 42.1
  127. Network Freeze on HP-probook ( Ralink RT3290 Wireless
  128. Network Manager - Icon meanings
  129. Asus NoteBook = Wireless Card not working
  130. No wifi on acer R13 372T (atheros QCA6174A)
  131. OTHER VERSION What's the secret to KDEConnect and Bluetooth?
  132. Wifi Widget when using Wicked Network Control
  133. Wireless (wifi and bluetooth) are not working
  134. Wireless USB adapter
  135. Solved - Wireless PCI TL-WN350GD With Leap.
  136. Wireless network. Ethernet slow.
  137. Help with RTL8192EE PCIe
  138. Help with Atheros AR9485, ASUS X550VC.
  139. How do I eliminate connection between Network Manager and kwallet for WPA2 APs in Plasma 5
  140. How to configure Wireless for no authorization at start up
  141. TUMBLEWEED Wireless nor working after usimg connection through NetworkManager
  142. Driver Netgear A6210 AC1200 WiFi High-gain USB 3.0 Adapter
  143. Need help getting Lenovo T61 wireless to work.
  144. BCM43142 Does Not Connect
  145. How to do you enable Atheros AR9285 card in runlevel 3?
  146. TUMBLEWEED How to add the latest broadcom-wl to DKMS?
  147. OTHER VERSION openSUSE 13.1, had 2 recent kerenel updates, wireless settings in Network Manager removed
  148. TUMBLEWEED Wireless without network not working
  149. OTHER VERSION Android 4.4 Bluetooth openSuse 13.1
  150. OTHER VERSION Android 4.4 Bluetooth openSuse 13.1
  151. TUMBLEWEED How to make Tumbleweed see usb wireless adapter
  152. ask for help on NetworkManager after the latest upgrade, Leap 42.1
  153. Wicked service
  154. "no wireless extensions" (trying to get usb adapter to work)
  155. bluetooth adapter not found at LifeBook S760
  156. Wireless in terminal
  157. Problems with Intel 7260 WiFi card (Solved)
  158. Realtek RTL8188SU WLAN Adapter unreliable connection
  159. Mediatek MT7630E 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter
  160. Internet Connectivity Issues
  161. OTHER VERSION rtl8192du driver will not install in 13.1 after kernel upgrade from 3.11 to 3.12
  162. USB wireless adapter D-link dwa131B fails to connect
  163. Bluetooth: Device not connecting
  164. Help with WiFi connections PLEASE
  165. Pro/Wireless 3945 will not turn on
  166. How to build a http form for wifi connections?
  167. wireless not foud
  168. TUMBLEWEED Broadcom 5GHz
  169. No wireless on laptop
  170. Wireless 8260 not working under openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64)
  171. Wi-Fi profile for home and office, want to auto start / select
  172. iwconfig and rfkill list - hard blocked - how to proceed now ?
  173. TUMBLEWEED Desperate for help getting wifi working on Dell laptop w/ Tumbleweed.
  174. TUMBLEWEED Intel NUC6i3SYH problems with wireless Thumbleweed
  175. OTHER VERSION wifi with yast ifup ok , networkmanager not
  176. Wireless connection on Dell 500/Intell Pro/Wireless 3945
  177. rtl8192ce no longer sees any WiFi network after installing soundKonverter
  178. NetworkManager is not running?
  179. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP
  180. 802.11ac
  181. Unable to Update Software
  182. How to tether opensuse with no internet to an opensuse with wifi?
  183. TUMBLEWEED System policy prevents modification of network settings...
  184. I have followed the following thread for guidance
  185. TUMBLEWEED WIFI password not remembered
  186. TUMBLEWEED Can we destroy *keyring? (PLEASE?!)
  187. PPPOE (DSL) Connections through WLAN0
  188. 802.11n
  189. Thinkpad yoga 260, no wifi, ubuntu fix does not work?
  190. Can't use USB wireless with Broadcom BCM43235 chipset
  191. Wifi not active
  192. Broadcom BCM4322 not working on MacPro
  193. ASUS F553M: No wifi connection, no wifi card recognized
  194. AR9287 Wireless Adapter is not connecting/working
  195. D-Link DWA-140 USB WiFi Adapter Won't Open
  196. ip configuration was unavailable
  197. Linksys AE6000 Driver Won't Install
  198. Plasma-nm 5.6.4 reports WPA-PSK instead of WPA2-PSK
  199. TUMBLEWEED Set wireless regulatory domain
  200. Realtek r8169 = no wireless
  201. Cannot connetc to my wi-fi network. Ar9271(tp-link wn721n)
  202. Installing USB TP-Link W823n (v2)
  203. Atheros Wifi Not Working
  204. connection seems good in GUI tools, but in firefox : "address not found" for www.google.fr
  205. asus aspire v15 v3-575-50td
  206. TUMBLEWEED YasT2 error when setting up WI-FI
  207. Leap 42.1 on HP ProBook 4535s, Wireless (Atheros AR9285) not working
  208. TUMBLEWEED Bcm43142 driver wifi
  209. Wireless keeps crashing.
  210. Ad-hoc network on dual band Broadcom
  211. Persisting the wireless regulatory domain across reboots
  212. Wireless Bridge Using AP
  213. Recommendation for 802.11ac USB dongle
  214. Wireless not configured on install of Open Suse Leap
  215. Wireless problem - BCM43142
  216. Help with getting my wireless TP Link T4U AC1200
  217. network manager wifi password prompt
  218. Lenovo t400 - Atheros AR242X / AR542X Wifi - FN+F5 Toggle Not Working - Wifi Not Working Leap 42.1
  219. No NetworkManager in Leap to conrol wifi connections
  220. TUMBLEWEED Latest kernels cause wireless drop/refresh every second
  221. Wifi not working
  222. Wifi detection and status not available
  223. No Wifi
  224. TUMBLEWEED WLan Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 2x2 AGN on Dell M4500
  225. Can't connect to internet with realtek wireless card
  226. Unstable Wifi
  227. suddenly connecting to specific wireless networks is impossible
  228. Wifi Connection Reported as Deactivated and no longer works
  229. Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 wireless not working
  230. OTHER VERSION openSuse13.1 - trouble installing TP-WN725N v2.2
  231. HP 625 Wireless suddenly is gone
  232. TUMBLEWEED Intel 6235 - firmware load failed with error -2
  233. TUMBLEWEED Can't see SSID on ch13(11g)
  234. TUMBLEWEED Wifi stopped working after recent update
  235. TUMBLEWEED Wifi adaptor MAC keeps changing
  236. TUMBLEWEED Very slow Wifi Speed - how to fix?
  237. Rogue Device or Malware Saturating DHCP Server?
  238. TUMBLEWEED Last Kernel-update killed my Wifi
  239. Unstable Wifi on laptop. RTL8723be How to fix it?
  240. Wifi don't work. The lshw command returns DISABLED
  241. TUMBLEWEED Realtek rtl8821ae drops every 5 minutes.
  242. TUMBLEWEED Bluetooth BCM20702A1-0a5c-21fb.hcd failed with error -2
  243. rtl8192ce:rtl92ce_read_eeprom_info [rtl8192ce]:<0-0> Chip Version ID: B_CHIP_92C
  244. TUMBLEWEED ndiswrapper fails to load
  245. Getting Atheros QCA6174 to work with kernel 4.1
  246. TUMBLEWEED Raspberry Pi 3b wifi not work/ detected
  247. Bluetooth doesn't discover devices
  248. TP-LInk wn821n random lost connection
  249. Troubleshooting WiFi Question
  250. Wifi works despite no wifi icon