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  1. Login/password required for Windows 7 public shares
  2. TUMBLEWEED Samba Problem / Can't access windows shared folders
  3. Mount a Server at Boot
  4. Setting up moinmoin wiki
  5. Thin client login via XDMCP
  6. Cannot authenticate to Samba shares
  7. TUMBLEWEED Firefox 46 no longer able to play H.264 videos
  8. OTHER VERSION OpenSuse 13.1 as router with 2 ethernet ports
  9. OTHER VERSION OpenSuse 13.1 NetworkManager at startup
  10. Moving from Samba 3.0.2 on 10.3 to Leap
  11. Wifi connection is not consistent on Leap 42.1
  12. Plasma-nm5 Openvpn
  13. TUMBLEWEED Firefox not playing Twitter videos and GIFs, but everything else.
  14. TUMBLEWEED Configuration VNC from yast failed.
  15. OTHER VERSION Really bad connection after changing to VDSL
  16. TUMBLEWEED Firefox from repos painfully slow. Binary download ok.
  17. Changing default Samba user in Dolphin
  18. TUMBLEWEED Different proxy for different network
  19. fastcgi-mono-server4 problem - AOT module.
  20. OTHER VERSION Cannot connect to wifi in Opensuse 42.1 Gnome
  21. Install OpenVPN
  22. Host can't connect, Guest W7 can!?! Looking for Ideas
  23. Need Help Configuring SMB on openSUSE 42.1
  24. DHCP Handle VLAN-ID?
  25. BIND/named server resolves “hostname.domain” but not “hostname”
  26. TUMBLEWEED Latest Snapshot breaks Network Connections
  27. Configure DHCP - Notebook
  28. TUMBLEWEED Write to network share
  29. YaST configuration of wicked fails.
  30. How to create Wireless AP from my Leap42.1 Laptop ?
  31. TUMBLEWEED DNS Server won't start automatically on system bootup - Tumbleweed 06112016
  32. NTP - Laptop (WLAN) - suspend/resume - time-keeping consistency
  33. NTP Client 4.2.8p7-21.1 x86_64 - "pool" instead of "server" list
  34. TUMBLEWEED Network interface (wired) detected by Yast but not connected, Tumbleweed
  35. Wifi icon on taskbar has disappeared
  36. I can't connect to VPN service via pptp
  37. Bond Interface
  38. OTHER VERSION Strange behavior on openvz VPS
  39. TUMBLEWEED Vhosts problem with Tumbleweed 42.1 & DocumentRoot
  40. Raise Priority of Ethernet Communications
  41. In Yast no zone assigned to interface in firewall - which firewall rules apply?
  42. PURE local mailserver with Postifx?
  43. OTHER VERSION OPENSUSE13.1 over IPSEC to Azure = ?
  44. getting VNC to work
  45. Bad net config or DOS attack?
  46. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect printer
  47. Leap 42.1 Not able to connect to network
  48. Firewall configuration to restrict ssh access?
  49. Unable to use Brother MFC-L8850CDW scanner over LAN
  50. <===> OpenSuse 13.2 vnc problems
  51. (Beginner) Help configuring to network
  52. OpenVPN: unable to connect over GUI
  53. YaST User management cannot connect to LDAP
  54. trouble sending email by php
  55. How to change default Wifi connection?
  56. no internet connection in opensuse 13.2, can't connet to router
  57. OTHER VERSION Package search error
  58. TUMBLEWEED ping6
  59. Can't join Domain PDC
  60. OTHER VERSION does anybody know about gstatic browser virus?
  61. Not sure where to post - ? regarding userid's and sftp clients
  62. Samba keeps losing its own shares
  63. No network with connection working
  64. Chrome not default browser
  65. Remote administration
  66. Leap & PPPoE
  67. TUMBLEWEED Problems with Samba
  68. autofs and rbind mount
  69. Bind "named" doesn't start on boot?
  70. Cannot connect to a L2TP/IPSec VPN server
  71. Loopback connection to wiki in /srv fails first use daily.
  72. TUMBLEWEED YAST Firewall Unknown network interface
  73. TUMBLEWEED Can only connect to samba shares some of the time
  74. no ping from linux to windows server 2012 r2
  75. TUMBLEWEED Help configuring Mellanox Connect X2 ( HP MT26448) 10gbe NIC
  76. postfix/smtp error
  77. PC will not start when NAS disconnected
  78. Firefox fonts
  79. TUMBLEWEED Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 no connection
  80. hostname not in /etc/hosts by default
  81. SUSE Firewall: set zone per domain, not interface
  82. display on remote X server
  83. sort order of DNS nameservers in resolv.conf
  84. NFS exports and netgroups.
  85. smb nmb won't start with security=share
  86. TUMBLEWEED Google Chrome Default browser
  87. Debugging intermittent vpn pptp connection
  88. basic question Routing/shapping traffic through different IP?
  89. Wired Foscam camera dropping off network since upgrades to Leap 42.1 and Tumbleweed
  90. TUMBLEWEED Setting up Multicasting
  91. get network interface name
  92. TUMBLEWEED Can not start Samba service (after one of the updates)
  93. No connection to Internet Via Router (DHCP)
  94. TUMBLEWEED file '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found with zypper up
  95. TUMBLEWEED Active Directory integration failing
  96. Buggy wired network connection(auto break after few minuts)
  97. TUMBLEWEED Getting to Apache2 server via AT&T's NVG589
  98. How to tap into Windows Network for Printers
  99. OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE laptop as a server
  100. mount.cifs issues with low quality network connections
  101. LTE modem on Dell Precision 3510
  102. I2p starting problem
  103. TUMBLEWEED notebook (WLAN) and desktop (LAN) in local network: how to use SSH? (firewall: internal zone?)
  104. Now Unable to Set Up NFS Client
  105. OTHER VERSION cannot find wifi icon opensuse enterprise desktop 12
  106. TUMBLEWEED Set static ip adress wicked
  107. No NFS-connection between laptops
  108. [DNS] Issues with name resolution
  109. limit bandwidth usage for a website
  110. Connect Android to Linux PC internet via USB, reverse tethering
  111. Squid / Sarg errors and .xz
  112. shared directory only mounts on the command line
  113. openVPN HMAC errors PrivateInternetAccess vpn
  114. Static IPv6 address
  115. OTHER VERSION nslookup loopback
  116. TUMBLEWEED Not able to corectly connet to wireless network
  117. TUMBLEWEED After recent update - DNS could not be found
  118. [ping flood] iptables permanent settings
  119. Several web site and service APIs wont respond
  120. Adding a static ipv6 address to a dynamic ipv6 configuration
  121. How can I use Wifi without the KDE wallet ?
  122. TUMBLEWEED Networking connectivity limited - How do I change to full?
  123. New to Linux and Suse. KDE Wallet Password? and wireless
  124. Configuring load balance and bandwith control with incomming port redirection
  125. get rid from icmpv6 type 135 (neighbor solicitation)
  126. Unable to get USB ethernet to work
  127. Storage Service and Google Drive
  128. remote management software suggestions?
  129. connection sharing between laptops?
  130. TUMBLEWEED Netis USB wifi adapter dropped connection
  131. Implement Static DNS IP addresses Leap 42.1
  132. Skype stopped working
  133. NIS+NFS ALL users home mounted
  134. Can't block web server
  135. TUMBLEWEED DWA-131 drivers installation
  136. USB tethering not working after update
  137. TUMBLEWEED leaking DNS requests when using openvpn
  138. DHCP Config issue
  139. TUMBLEWEED Problems with NetworkManager and /etc/resolv.conf similar to previous problem
  140. Ethernet dead after wake from sleep
  141. Accessing risky web short URL
  142. LAN configuration / setup question
  143. No Internet, possible DNS
  144. TUMBLEWEED NM not refreshing the wifi connection correctly after resuming from hibernation
  145. Join and authenticate on Active Directory
  146. OTHER VERSION Configure Samba for a Workgroup in the local LAN
  147. how to access / read firewall log?
  148. Getting my external IP
  149. OTHER VERSION Network card not detected
  150. TUMBLEWEED ethernet works on live usb, does not work on new install
  151. TUMBLEWEED Unable to configure network card after update
  152. Free Linux hardening tool lynis (https://packages.cisofy.com/) - Hardening Index
  153. Can no longer access camera after recent bug fix update
  154. DNS Server resolving issues. Not accepting queries.
  155. TUMBLEWEED SMB4K stopped working correctky after recent update
  156. TUMBLEWEED WiFi but no internet connection
  157. Realtek 8101E/8102E: lan is working, internet is not
  158. NetworkManager is periodically crashing. Is this a bug?
  159. Need an AOL Instant Messenger-capable chat client
  160. TUMBLEWEED Network Manager not now working as it used to
  161. A way to test a samba share without hanging
  162. Problems with Samba again
  163. Internet not working, i can only ping ip adresses but not hostnames - DNS/nameserver problem
  164. How to release/renew DHCP with wicked?
  165. TUMBLEWEED Can't find my HP printer
  166. APCUPSD apache interface is not working
  167. [iptables] insert a linux box in a local network
  168. TUMBLEWEED IPv6 and how to get it?
  169. TUMBLEWEED setting up postfix
  170. Log outgoing Traffic with IPTables - get statistics
  171. Networking -> Proxy Server: Squid + C-ICAP -- File permission for SquidGuardDB
  172. Problems with PAM, SSSD, AD provider - authentication against Active Directory
  173. TUMBLEWEED Can't connect to OpenVPN using network manager. (KDE)
  174. apache2: Cannot access directory '/var/log/apache2/' for main error log
  175. No DSL connection in LEAP 42.2
  176. TUMBLEWEED Wicked configuration for wlan0
  177. Wicked nanny hot-switch wlan0 and eth0 configuration
  178. TUMBLEWEED zypper: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libproxy.so.1: undefined symbol:
  179. LEAP 42.2 and Realtek
  180. NFS share mounted as read-only
  181. When booting without a network cable plugged in
  182. Static Route with NM
  183. Changing the local network name
  184. ifup bond interface failed - NM_CONTROLLED not honored
  185. TUMBLEWEED dynamic dhcp and dns: forward map problem
  186. My two openSUSE machines can't ping each other
  187. N600 Wireless Dual Band PCI card will not connect to internet
  188. VPN SSTP client
  189. Make an interface go up after driver restart
  190. wlan0 work in kde plasma but not in fvwm
  191. How to setup SuSEfirewall2 to masquerade openvpn traffic to the open internet?
  192. OTHER VERSION Move Apache web server to new version of OpenSuse?
  193. TUMBLEWEED Two APs (network manager)
  194. No access to internet-system seems to be totally blocked
  195. Someone to help a windows user? VPN install
  196. TUMBLEWEED opensuse liveDVD tumbleweed, "no connection"?
  197. Leap 42.2 Gnome and no Network Icon on Top bar
  198. TUMBLEWEED Firewall question
  199. Unable to properly open port in firewall
  200. Samba connection issue
  201. No Internet Conection
  202. TUMBLEWEED OpenVPN and passing Internet through to clients
  203. TUMBLEWEED Software development around “SESSION_MANAGER”
  204. Apache Installation testen?
  205. DHCP NIC Not Transmitting, Only Receiving
  206. Seting default gateway in YAST
  207. TUMBLEWEED Create Root CA via YaST fails
  208. OTHER VERSION Traceroute works, connection with local network too, but not with internet
  209. openSUSE 13.2 Infiniband connection?
  210. Accessing SAMBA shares from within R-studio not working (works fine on file browser)
  211. TUMBLEWEED Postfix no logging in to /var/log/mail*
  212. Network printing and scanning-costs a bit of sweat
  213. TUMBLEWEED Dovecot doveconf: Fatal: execvp(/usr/lib/dovecot/managesieve) failed: Argument list too long
  214. What is this SFW2-INext-DROP-DEFLT?
  215. 42.2 + Nextcloud 11 (step by step)
  216. TUMBLEWEED NetworkManager corrupt?
  217. OTHER VERSION MAC Address change
  218. Apache access_compat_mod causing 403
  219. PureVPN Activates as if connected to remote address but public IP address remains local
  220. Postfix logfiles
  221. OTHER VERSION NFS not showing folder mounted with --bind option
  222. TUMBLEWEED rtl8192 module doesn't auto load
  223. TUMBLEWEED pppoe mtu problem, how to set mtu permanently?
  224. Auto Updater not detecting Wi-Fi connection
  225. TUMBLEWEED Wireless soft blocked on boot up
  226. How to restrict nfs share to specific user(s)?
  227. TUMBLEWEED Feature request: socks proxy support in Yast-proxy addon
  228. how to get rid of "System policy prevents modification of network settings for all users"
  229. Need an useful/reliable FTP package with GUI/ SFTP to work...
  230. Chrome takes incredibly long to load
  231. OTHER VERSION Is yast2 firewall blocking ip alias?
  232. OTHER VERSION Block Specific IP Addresses - SuSEfirewall2
  233. OTHER VERSION Wired connection keep disconnected
  234. Iptables 101 for dummies. Need advice.
  235. Problem with wicked-0.6.39-12.1 IPv6 SIT - default route doesn't install in kernel route table
  236. TUMBLEWEED Yast Error when configuring network
  237. DNS, dont start aut, EDNS ..
  238. Leap 42.2, samba/cifs access to files in deduplicated Windows 2012server
  239. windows domain membership 'Mount Server Directories'
  240. dhcp constantly renewing.. I think
  241. Using Wireshark to capture EtherNet over USB
  242. TUMBLEWEED SuseFirwall2 FW_REDIRECT="0/0,0/0,<protocol>,<dPORT>,<lPORT>" don't redirect any inet interfaces
  243. Cannot open files over a smb network connection
  244. Learning PHP. Where should I put my files?
  245. Why Leap 42.2 wifi only with nmtui and not with a network icon in the panel? Please help newbie!
  246. iptables how to log and drop all
  247. How to prevent unnecessary "System policy prevents..." and passwd input after each wifi connecting?
  248. Please help me with a init script!
  249. TUMBLEWEED Setting ethtool options when using NetworkManager
  250. Leap 42.1 Disable Plasma Network Notifications - HOW?