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  1. wired internet connection not restored after restart
  2. Memory usage difference between two different installs
  3. openSUSE on VirtualBox-xinit failure
  4. Install on a crippled laptop
  5. TUMBLEWEED Message on every boot 'sp5100_tco: I/O address 0x0cd6 already in use'
  6. OpenSuse 13.2 / OS Startup Problem after CPU upgrade
  7. TUMBLEWEED Yast bootloader module fail
  8. Proper way to remove Windows completely
  9. Sudden issues - slow plasma start, can't shutdown, yast freezes, firefox freezes, slow dolphin
  10. zypper install cracklib-dict-full conflicts with cracklib-dict-small
  11. long startup - might be graphical problem
  12. Cannot access installation media
  13. virtual keyboard for log in
  14. Dracut software raid (efi stub)
  15. OTHER VERSION 13.1 - No GUI with Intel Graphic after kernel update (3.11.10 -34 to 3.12.57-44)
  16. Possible not to use partitions?
  17. TUMBLEWEED Get Windows added to my Boot up
  18. how do I add a new hard drive?
  19. TUMBLEWEED FSTRIM - Do I need to worry about it?
  20. TUMBLEWEED How to track progress of OpenSSH bugfix?
  21. '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on openSUSE-Leap-42.1-Oss repository
  22. Can't install OpenSuse on an Alienware Area-51
  23. How do I get OpenSuse 13.1 recognize the OpenChrome video driver I have installed on an old pC?
  24. TUMBLEWEED Problem installing on an Acer Desktop
  25. TUMBLEWEED via c3 samuel2 - harware compatibility
  26. OTHER VERSION Hanging on boot up OpenSuse Leap
  27. TUMBLEWEED PackageKit is locking up zypper. How do I "ban" it permanently?
  28. TUMBLEWEED How Encrypted is it?
  29. Nvidia Driver Problems
  30. TUMBLEWEED user root does not exist
  31. Hanging at the three dots ...
  32. Leaf 421 cannot login
  33. No sound after installation
  34. Logout (exit) from ssh
  35. TUMBLEWEED Hibernation doesn't work
  36. NIS from fresh install
  37. TUMBLEWEED cpupower wont work after upgrade to latest kernel tumbleweed 20160508
  38. In dual-boot computers, Linux prevents Windows's Safe Boot
  39. No support on Motherboard. Only basic opening
  40. Windows/Leap dual boot on SSD, reinstalling Linux. Disconnect HDD?
  41. How to fit Linux (LEAP 42.1) on an existing multi-partition drive.
  42. Automatic WLAN password without tears - and without KWallet
  43. TUMBLEWEED Latest update whacked my monitor config
  44. TUMBLEWEED Opensuse gone from grub menu
  45. TUMBLEWEED how to turn off auto login
  46. TUMBLEWEED Boot splash not displayed correctly
  47. TUMBLEWEED Gnome on X not working
  48. Screen display size problem
  49. TUMBLEWEED updating tumbleweed requires reinstalling official nvidia drivers
  50. Nothing working - no boot - not a question, just a tip.
  51. OTHER VERSION Failed attempts to repair GPT partition table
  52. OTHER VERSION Dualboot Win-10 and Linux
  53. TUMBLEWEED Can't Access boot loader settings in YAST2 using Gnome
  54. NIS Client install issue - Error in running ypclient
  55. Sound problems after installation
  56. Run a systemd service only on power off
  57. Bootloader screen garbled when trying to boot Windows
  58. zypper patch stops at 5% and conumes 50-100% cpu for hours
  59. Why does Leap 42.1 isolate itself by not having inittab, vga driver, /etc/X11/gdm.conf ?
  60. Upgrade from 13.2 to Leap was failing because 13.2 couldn't see the repo
  61. Boots in to grub command line after new install
  62. Besides Leap 42.1's snapshot, can I use dd or ghost to only backup and restore Leap's system files?
  63. why cann't Leap42.1 support VNC or XManager?
  64. why cann't I login after user yast2 to change default DM and WM from KDM to GDM and gnome?
  65. Is there anyone who has use openSUSE leap 42.1 to support MySQL cluster?
  66. Upgrade from 11.4
  67. Opensuse 13.2 after upgrade cannot start as user only as root
  68. network installation from USB to external hdd
  69. OpenSUSE LEAP: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#6 stuck for 23s! [swapper/6:0]
  70. KIWI-built PXE image: Kernel panic when trying to boot
  71. Network install question re. 42.1
  72. Has anyone sucessfully installed leap's remote desktop control under 640*480 resolution?
  73. "Oh no" screen appears briefly just after login in Gnome and then system recovers. INTEL video
  74. OTHER VERSION Shutdown a specific service in systemd shutdown
  75. issues with nvidia-driver: how to erase all of them
  76. TUMBLEWEED can't start any desktop environment after installing "awesome window manager"
  77. TUMBLEWEED replacing tumbleweed with leap
  78. DM ignores keyboard language
  79. 4K Screen Troubles
  80. error while installing bootloader
  81. TUMBLEWEED snapper/btrfs fails to adjust the subvolume id after a rollback
  82. Number Lock not on at login.
  83. Window Glow
  84. Dual Boot Win 10 and Leap.
  85. OTHER VERSION Cloned disk, now suse doesn't boot
  86. TUMBLEWEED Restoring access to a running system
  87. TUMBLEWEED No more KDE in openSUSE 13.2 after installation of tumbleweed
  88. TUMBLEWEED I don`t have xdm file
  89. TUMBLEWEED How to merge two partitions
  90. OTHER VERSION Upgraded graphics card, getting a black screen
  91. TUMBLEWEED Resume after hibernate (s2disk) crashes every second time
  92. [request] Installation Tutorial: N1 Nylas Email Client
  93. SuperGrub2 Rescue Disk and EasyBCD Cannot Boot Into OpenSUSE
  94. Boot installation fails - GRUB rescue
  95. My KDE desktop has disappeared!
  96. Help.not start opensuse
  97. Small installation Image for Slow Internet
  98. KIWI Image generation with update repositories
  99. video config instability
  100. Live-fat-stick with Hybrid Persistent
  101. Installer selecting wrong driver for wireless dongle
  102. OTHER VERSION Experience with 42.2 Alpha1
  103. Usb boot issue.
  104. GRUB to skip kernel signature check
  105. /home directory content after 64-bit install
  106. TUMBLEWEED "cannot compile a simple Qt executable. Check you have the right $QTDIR"
  107. No application launcher after installing Thunderbird in 42.1
  108. TUMBLEWEED I can't login into graphic mode
  109. those ********** 3 green boxes at boot
  110. Zypper patch breaks system
  111. OTHER VERSION [12.2] SDL2 issue
  112. Where are foreign RPM repository GPG keys stored?
  113. 1-click install
  114. TUMBLEWEED GRUB2 Multiboot USB
  115. CD/DVD Packet Writing
  116. Access Windows Share
  117. TUMBLEWEED Add extra hard drive with content
  118. How to install Opensuse leap 42 from harddisk ?
  119. Instal Grub2 on mirrored (spare) raid drive
  120. Leap network installation: Trying to cnnect to wifi
  121. Empty root password
  122. Move install to another HDD
  123. OTHER VERSION SP3 Upgrade Problem
  124. How to generate a grub.cfg that uses UUID's not LABELs?
  125. System Requisite
  126. Live DVD doesn't Boot
  127. passwordless console/gui login
  128. Force Quit Extension Doesn't Work
  129. Maximize and Minimize Buttons Don't Appear In Firefox or Package Updater Gnome 3.16.2
  130. How to run an application using kdesu without a password?
  131. GA-N3150N-D3V - No way?
  132. TUMBLEWEED Boot failed with GNOME live DVD or DVD
  133. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed upgrade problems
  134. TUMBLEWEED Alienware R3 + Tumbleweed = install issue
  135. tracker-miner-f consuming 50% resources
  136. Slow Boot to Logon screen
  137. fun with extending btrfs
  138. Emergency boot mode
  139. TUMBLEWEED Blank Display After Boot
  140. TUMBLEWEED New instalation hangs on partitioning
  141. Adding i219 Intel driver in initrd for PXE
  142. Sanitizing / Simplifying partition layout
  143. no grub after install w/ Win 10
  144. howto remove swap (/dev/sdb2 ) from system boot
  145. New install of Leap 42.1; won't boot without live stick connected
  146. OTHER VERSION OpenSUSE 13.1 Cannot update system
  147. TUMBLEWEED Album oriented music player
  148. TUMBLEWEED OpenSUSE does not boot into graphical interface
  149. TUMBLEWEED List of previous Tumbleweed ISOs
  150. Setting up and Running sudo-how? Leap Gnome
  151. TUMBLEWEED Install Tumbleweed To USB Stick To Be Run Run USB Stick
  152. TUMBLEWEED Which is Better Gnome or KDE?
  153. TUMBLEWEED kernel 4.6 problem
  154. No desktop on boot
  155. Only 2.4GB memory is found in my Lenovo S230u Twist while 4GB mem is configured
  156. Install KDE from Gnome using DVD
  157. Leap 42.1 x86_64 net installer is confusing me.
  158. TUMBLEWEED Authorisation error when checking for updates
  159. grub2 won't install properly
  160. No desktop on boot
  161. TUMBLEWEED Unable to install Tumbleweed
  162. Is it normal for opensuse to take a long time to shut down or reboot?
  163. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed installation hangs at partition creation
  164. OTHER VERSION Dual boot boots to emergency mode post unsolicited Windows 10 install
  166. TUMBLEWEED Desktop Ugly White Backgroung
  167. TUMBLEWEED Icon Zoom Level in Nautilus Gnome 3.18
  168. TUMBLEWEED want to install Plasma 5 alongside GNOME
  169. Upgrading when a flash drive is used
  170. Newly-installed Leap 42.1 OS not available in bootloader
  171. TUMBLEWEED SDDM-helper fails to log users for complex profiles
  172. Trouble with YaST Software Management
  173. Has an update broken my desktop? No hdmi signal?
  174. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed stability -- right choice for me?
  175. NVIDIA 367.27-24.1
  176. Installed pacman repo but no option to switch repos in yast (kde new install)
  177. Nvidia update to 304.131-42.1
  178. TUMBLEWEED XDM service dead after Tumbleweed 4.6.2-1 update
  179. TUMBLEWEED after upgrade to opensuse 20160612 can not login in graphic mode
  180. MultiBoot -Device Mixups
  181. Title: Autoyast - problems with reusing partitions
  182. Failed to update flash -plugin
  183. Multiple road bumps on the way to Leap 42.1
  184. TUMBLEWEED Cannot shut down using the logout action button
  185. BTRFS file system problem -- unable to boot, unable to mount -> stuck!
  186. TUMBLEWEED someting about shutdown for long time(about 90s)
  187. Loads grub, no errors, but will not complete start - bios changed boot order, now will not start
  188. OTHER VERSION minimum requirements for old open suse 10.2
  189. Trying to put Windows 7 on Laptop running OpenSUSE
  190. Installation successful but crashes on login
  191. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed: Desktop Background Failure: After routine update to kernel 4.6.2-1-default.
  192. TUMBLEWEED Strange btrfs behaviour on / after update
  193. No Sound LEAP 42.1
  194. “oh no something has gone wrong…” after installing Nvidia blob
  195. TUMBLEWEED Unable to boot after update
  196. KDE Plasma Desktop (5.23/5.6) doesn't load correctly after update to FW 5.23/Plasma 5.6.1(?)
  197. OTHER VERSION opensuse 13.1 upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10, uefi
  198. Logging in to domain account when password needs to change doesn't enforce password to change
  199. GRUB2 OS Menu Taking A Long Time to Load
  200. TUMBLEWEED Strange behavior with sddm
  201. Webex on 64 bit leap, system requirements and setup
  202. Help needed black screen after allowing Leap to run updates!
  203. TUMBLEWEED Installation Bugs? relating to Grub2 MBR, keyboard layout, and date-time - Tumbleweed
  204. Restore leap after windows 10 update
  205. Leap 42.1 Clean Instal stuck on Log in with KDE
  206. KDE okay but no system display
  207. TUMBLEWEED blank screen on new install of Nvida 970 video card
  208. OTHER VERSION Yast / Zypper No "Pattern"
  209. TUMBLEWEED Graphical Environment Won't Start In Virtualbox
  210. Booting Windows 10
  211. Copy of system disk won't boot -- bad methodology, or USB attach problem?
  212. Some advice please on an upgrade 13.2 > Leap..
  213. Python Repository not found
  214. Service hangs on shutdown (Canon ccpd)
  215. Installed new LEAP and "Save Session" is missing from "Power/Session" submenu in app launcher
  216. Bootable USB stick creation issue
  217. TUMBLEWEED Problems compiling NVIDIA driver after update of Tumbleweed from Kernel 4.5 to 4.6
  218. TUMBLEWEED Plasma start errors after todays updates
  219. OTHER VERSION Question About Installing OpenSUSE Krypton
  220. TUMBLEWEED Zypper hangs at end of upgrade and fills up log file endlessly
  221. konsole --profile "root shell"
  222. User cannot log in
  223. OTHER VERSION Can someone explain this error message?
  224. TUMBLEWEED Dual boot win10 - Tumbleweed Grub loading error
  225. Auto-login does not happen.
  226. Duel boot Kubuntu and LEAP 42.1
  227. TUMBLEWEED Minor issue with Thermal Monitor widget
  228. TUMBLEWEED Tumbleweed: Installation
  229. How to mount LTFS tape? (LTO-6 drive)
  230. TUMBLEWEED KDE will not start after update to Tumbleweed from Leap
  231. Bumblebee installation with proprietary driver fails
  232. XFS corruption and xps_repair problems
  233. Automount NTFS Partition on Boot
  234. When install Leap with MATE DE: Nothing provides mate-session-manager
  235. TUMBLEWEED /boot/efi and /boot
  236. fstab option timeo=# do not work as one would expect, think I found an error and a workaround.
  237. OTHER VERSION issue in autoyast with SAN boot lun disk
  238. After clonezilla restore of disk, Grub2 no longer loads from BIOS
  239. Install dependancies problem
  240. TUMBLEWEED No live installation
  241. TUMBLEWEED how to login from bash to bypass the graphic lock screen
  242. System died upon installing drivers - newbie posting
  243. TUMBLEWEED Booting ISO file from SUSE Studio with GRUB2
  244. Failed to start Load Kernel Modules
  245. adding another os to multiboot box, want to keep current opensuse grub
  246. TUMBLEWEED Excessive disk activity
  247. TUMBLEWEED Still can't get past KDE login screen without dropping to tty
  248. Problem with user permissions
  249. How to control when smartd sends email notifications?
  250. TUMBLEWEED `zypper dup` indicates `python3-urllib3-1.16-1.1.noarch requires python(abi) = 3.5`; what to do now?