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Thread: Xmonad on openSuse?

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    Default Xmonad on openSuse?

    I recently switched from Ubuntu to openSuse 12.3 but can't find xmonad on the default repos. Is there an external repo for Xmonad on openSuse that I can add. My google searches haven't brought anything conclusive or recent.

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    Default Re: Xmonad on openSuse?

    A user has it built for 12.2, it's unresolvable for 12.3;

    If you click on the 'users' tab in the build service page, you could send the user an email to ask if the error can be fixed... else download the src rpm and rebuild on your local system?
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    Default Re: Xmonad on openSuse?

    Ok, I got it installed, and this is how I did.

    1) Install ghc, cabal-install and a bunch of libraries (xorg-x11-devel, libXft-devel, check xmonad : building and installation for more details)

    2) open a terminal, and type, without sudo: cabal-install xmonad, when it's done type cabal-install xmonad-contrib

    3) unless you have a missing dependency, it should install xmonad rather quickly in ~/.cabal/bin/xmonad

    4) add this folder to your path, by adding this two lines

    export PATH

    at the end of your .bashrc.

    5) you're done! You may need to install the xmonad helper files here: to launch xmonad from KDM but you can also follow these instructions: Xmonad/Using xmonad in KDE - HaskellWiki to replace kwin by xmonad.

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