Im new to the forums so sorry if this has been covered but the search feature and Google has yielded no results. So I have a zotac zboz mini pc with a intel 525 atom processor , ion 2 graphics and im running a fresh opensuse 12.1 kde 4.7 install.. Im trying to get audio over hdmi.

What ive tried,
- installing nvidia driver 295
- installing pulse-audio and fiddling with the setting i.e turning off analog audio and setting it only to hdmi audio. turning on and off, ect...
- rebooting
- logging out
- yelling, alcohol, screaming.

Nothing has worked so far. I really love opensuse and do not want to go back to kubuntu or worse unity. It seems though that ubuntu is the only operating system other than windows that can get audio through my hdmi cable.

Please any help would be appreciated.