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Thread: Sensors-AMD CPU temperature monitoring

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    Hello. I have just recently installed opensuse 11.3 on my computer. I have switched from Ubuntu and have been trying to get things configured similar to what it was.

    One problem I have encountered is with installing sensors and k10temp, the module needed to monitor my CPU temp. within Linux. I have an AMD sempron and a biostar mcp6p m2+ motherboard. I have installed package "sensors" and have run the sensors-detect and it went through and found k10temp that I would need to load within the kernel for this to work properly. I had this working in Ubuntu, but not sure how to do it in openSuse. I have tried compiling the k10temp source, running modprobe k10temp and received no output, and looked around the conf files, but not sure how to go about doing it?

    Anyone have any suggestions, kind of a noob with openSuse and linux in general, but can find my way around. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    sensors-detect run as root should set the required modules, I think. Try running sensors in a terminal and see if you get all the temp and voltage readings.

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    Sounds like your k10temp module loaded okay - no news is good news when running modprobe (if successful there is no output). To know for sure run lsmod and grep for it.

    Brunomcl is correct, with the module loaded just run sensors and you should get your readings. If not check the config of your /etc/sensors3 file.

    For monitoring the temps on the desktop, I recommend the system-monitor widget, which can give a nice fuel-gauge style display for each CPU temp and other temp sensor.

    Lews Therin

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