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    here is the link CDN - Updated: Novell acquired by Attachmate in US$2.2 billion deal

    The company has also agreed to sell certain intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings LLC, a technology consortium led by Microsoft Corporation.

    (More to follow).
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    Oh I wish members of this forum would do a search before opening yet another thread about a topic. This one is discussed in what feels like half a dozen threads already.

    No offense meant, just a hint.

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    I saw it here too: Attachmate acquires Novell for $2.2 billion | Deep Tech - CNET News, but where's the sticky that tells us what this means to OSS users?

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    This is real news, the other threads were about the speculation. Although I guess an older thread could have been bumped. Anyway...

    Novell's Press Release

    Attachmate's Press Release

    Right now I'm most interested in this (from Novell's Press Release - emphasis mine):
    "Novell also announced it has entered into a definitive agreement for the concurrent sale of certain intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft Corporation, for $450 million". IP assets concerning what I wonder?

    Beyond that, it would be good to find out what this means regarding the openSUSE Foundation.
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    Great news to Novell.

    I hope openSUSE foundation, keep its good jobs on the newly boss firm!!
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    On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 19:06:02 +0000, HealingMindNOS wrote:

    > but
    > where's the sticky that tells us what this means to OSS users?

    When it's known what it means to openSUSE users, something will be said.
    This was only announced this morning, so now those of us who work in the
    trenches have to figure it out. Chances are high (IMHO) that this won't
    really change anything for openSUSE users, since the openSUSE board was
    already working on some self-governance stuff.

    Patience is called for.

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    Default Re: NOVELL Sold

    What next for Novell? - Computerworld

    A copy and paste from the article
    "We have great respect for Novell's business, its employees and its commitment to customers," said Jeff Hawn, chairman and CEO of Attachmate, in a statement announcing the agreement to acquire Novell. "Moreover, we look forward to maintaining and further strengthening Novell and Suse solutions to meet market demands."
    Later, In response to questions, an Attachmate spokesman promised that "current roadmaps and release schedules will stay intact. ...After the closing of the transaction, we will operate a brand portfolio comprising Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell and Suse. Our priority is to 'do no harm' to the successful standalone operations of all companies as we integrate."
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