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Thread: world wide openSUSE community support

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    Default world wide openSUSE community support

    suggestion: since the openSUSE community is a world wide organization of many cultures, traditions and time zones, how about we strive to serve all the Community by providing communications avenues with 24x7x365 support..

    i write this because i have lost count of the number of times the forum, the wiki, or the repos have been off line for long periods during the time described as "the weekend" by networking tecnicians/administrators living/working in the Central European or Mountain Standard time zones..

    there are large numbers of folks across the earth that don't worship on Sunday.....and/or Saturday is not a day off..

    yet, there is apparently little or no technical support available for those folks during the approximately 60 hours between "quitting time" on Friday and "another Monday morning" somewhere, or both wheres..
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    This is an automated response but we appreciate your feedback. Staff
    takes all suggestions and comments seriously. While we can't
    guarantee every suggestion or comment will result in forums changes,
    we give each one consideration.

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