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Thread: Netinstall image in a pendrive

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    Default Netinstall image in a pendrive

    Hello everyone.

    I want to install a OpenSuSE 11.2 in a no optical drive station. Obviously I have done a pendrive installation (following the steps in Live USB stick - openSUSE). Using Live images it works very well. But with the net install image, when I boot the station, nothing happen and it passes directly to the second boot device.

    Is there any other way to make a bootable pendrive (specially with netinstall image)?


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    Default Re: Netinstall image in a pendrive

    Mmm, funny. This should work. Done it a lot of times, using the dd command. This post contains the method I used, the dd command. Simplest way to install 11.2 from USB-stick?? - openSUSE Forums
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