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    Happy new year to all.

    I've installed Suse 11.2 and have updated the system using package manager.

    In case my system crashes or for some reason, If I'll have to reinstall suse 11.2, then is there a way I can restore my system to the current(without being online) state after installation.

    Also, can some one suggest me a similar tool like Norton ghost, I mean a tool that can restore my system to the current state (with all the application and drivers installed) without my need reinstall all the stuffs again.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    Clonzilla should do it
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    do we something like APTonCD on suse.

    APTonCD backup all the newly installed files in ubuntu, we just then need to install APTonCD and it will restore all your drivers and software that you installed after installing ubuntu.

    Thanks for your valuable time.


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    Yast > System > System Backup

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