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Thread: Using Parted Magic an Introduction

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    Post Using Parted Magic an Introduction

    Working with Parted Magic


    It is a Live CD and a great partitioner tool. You can use the Roxterm to get info like fdisk -l or to repair your grub bootloader.

    I prefer to boot it in Failsafe. It may fail in other modes


    Watch a load of scrolling text and eventually you arrive at a prompt. Here type menu and hit enter:

    Next to select graphical mode, I always choose xvesa. It always works for me:

    The desktop:

    The Partitioner and Terminal:

    Take a screenshot:
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    I've used Parted Magic, to delete my unwanted partitions to make space to install openSUSE. And I must agree that it is a very good partitioning tool; user-friendly, powerful, etc. etc. On booting into it, it looks like a whole operating system instead of just a partitioning tool.
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    Default I sent them the recommended ammount

    Good Stuff. I was glad to donate to them to keep the project going.

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    Default Re: Using Parted Magic an Introduction

    I hadn't notice this post until now. But I must say thank you to caf4926 because it has been very useful to me, and it's very clear.
    I didn't know how to make a partition to install opensuse in a PC running Windows 7. W7 doesn't offer many possibilities. With the information of this post, I did it perfectly.
    Thanks again.

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