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Thread: NEW Users - openSUSE Pre-install (general) - PLEASE READ

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    Default NEW Users - openSUSE Pre-install (general) - PLEASE READ

    This "stickie" thread is locked, to ensure this is easier for new openSUSE users to read.

    Anyone who has corrections, and/or comments, and or suggested improvements, please add them to the new thread link here:
    Suggestions for openSUSE-11.2 New User Installation stickie? - openSUSE Forums
    or PM one of the moderators.

    NNTP users please do not post on this thread.

    To start here is a link to the openSUSE community installation wiki:
    Installation - openSUSE

    More general forum installation suggestions follow from this post some of which is vital for new users to read and know.

    MANY MANY thanks to those who have contributed to helping out new users to openSUSE.

    NEW USERS - openSUSE Pre-installation - PLEASE READ
    (all openSUSE versions)

    .... more posts to follow ....
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